Join the Genshin Impact Mysterious Voyage Web Event. Sail and explore the map to earn Primogems and more.

Event Details

Event Period
2021/07/13 -2021/07/20 23:59 (UTC +8)

Adventure Rank 10 or above

Event Rewards

  1. Visit Web Event Page.
  2. Ensure you are logged in and have character selected.
  3. Get Energy by completing Tasks.
  4. Use Energy to set sail and explore the Nautical Map.
  5. Discover new locations to earn rewards.
  6. When you unlock 8/15/25/35 areas, you can claim the corresponding Primogems in the progress pop-up window.
  7. During your voyage you will come across information fragments. Unlocking new information will reward Mora (some information requires you to piece together a puzzle to receive the reward).
  8. Sakura Mochi and Tricolor Dango will be delivered to Travelers’ in-game mailbox within three days of the Version 2.0 update.