Ragnarok Mobile Episode 7 Part 4 update adds the new Oracle Mirror feature to the game as well as quality of life changes for weekly instance events.

See Episode 7 Part 3 Update Notes

See Episode 7 Part 5 Update Notes


There’s a bunch of changes but here’s a list of the notable ones (complete patch notes below):

  1. New Oracle Mirror System
  2. New Echoing Corridor content (More Levels + Origin Book Reward)
  3. 4th Job Origin Skill Breakthrough (Uses Origin Books)
  4. Endless Tower is now account based (no need to run with alt anymore)
  5. Oracle Dungeon is now account based (no need to run with alt anymore)
  6. Revenant MVP removed from ET and Oracle. It now has its own dungeon.
  7. Removed Peak Shards and Death Breath breakthrough requirement (this was tedious and basically was a time based cap on how fast you could level).
  8. Monster Resistance, Training Ground and low level Rifts have been removed.
  9. High level Rifts can not be instant completed.

New Content

1) New System added: Oracle Mirror

  • Oracle Mirror Saga quest will automatically be available once you have reached base level 40. Oracle Mirror will be unlocked once you have completed the quest.
  • Able to check which equipment can be used and what attributes can be extracted after using Oracle Mirror
  • Equipment will be destroyed once used for extraction, and the process is irreversible
  • Two types of equipments that can be used for Extraction:

1.1) One type of equipments whereby you are only able to extract the attributes;

1.2) The other type will be according to the refinement level of the equipment, obtain random level of refinement level with the highest refinement level of the equipment before extraction as the max refinement level. [Extraction level] determines the quality of the attributes obtained by extraction. Cannot be extracted with damaged equipment, able to use [Extract Light Crystal] to increase [Extraction Level] randomly.

  • The attributes obtained by extraction will be stored in the [Oracle Mirror]. By default, the extraction attributes of 2 pieces of equipment can be stored, and the upper limit of the storage attributes can be unlocked by spending Big Cat Coin, but only 1 extraction attribute can take effect
  • Attributes obtained from [Oracle Mirror] cannot be activated when applied on equipment with the same attributes.
  • [Extract Light Crystal] is available for sale in Gold Coin Shop for 5 Big Cat Coins each

2) Newly added: Echoing Corridor

Level 31~60 is unlocked for Echoing Corridor. Get ready for the upcoming challenges!

3 rooms with new mechanisms, 9 new items, improved effects for current items,12 new monster affixes

  • Gold coins will be automatically awarded once adventurers start levels 1, 11, 21, 31, 41, 51
  • When Adventurers start level 31, they are able to start “”Points Mode””.

Points will be calculated when the party is wiped out or have completed level 60. Top 100 will be in the leaderboard.”

Rules for Points Mode

2.1) Gold coins, acquired items and resurrection counts will be reset once you have started

2.2) If your team is wiped out via Points Mode, you will not be able to continue from where you left off. ie If your team is wiped from level 36, you will have to reattempt the Echoing Corridor from level 31.

2.3) Adventurers are encouraged to start Points Mode from level 31 onwards to challenge their limits

  • Origin Book and Extract Light Crystal are added to Brave’s Holy Emblem Exchange Shop

3) Update of Skills for 4th Job

  • [Origin Book] can be obtained from Echoing Corridor, and can be exchanged as well
  • [Origin Book] can be used to increase some skill levels of 4th Job. If you have maxed level all your skills, you will receive 300 stat points as rewards. (Can only receive once for multiple jobs)

4) Additional [Change Purse] page in Bag

  • Currency on Character Info Screen will be shown in [Change Purse] under [Base Currency], eg Honor Proof, Contribution
  • Currency previously shown in Bag will now be shown in [Change Purse] under [Material Shop Page] and [Event Currency Page] tabs. Example: Adventure Meatball, Astral Weapon Vouchers
  • Items that can be shared within different characters in the account will be shown in [Change Purse]. Amount will be updated after logging in to all the characters
  • Functions for items in [Change Purse] such as Shortcut Bar, Double Tap and Sell button remains, only Like function is removed

5) Functions for [Aeisr Monument] adjusted

  • Added “Light All’ button.This function enables usage of all Contribution and Gold Medals to light up as many stars as possible in [Aesir Monument].
  • Adventurer’s [Aesir Monument] will be reset after maintenance. All the [Gold Medals] and [Contribution] consumed in Aesir Monument will be converted to [Gold Medal – Lock] and [Contribution – Lock] (Can only be used in Aesir Monument)
  • In the process of lighting up the Aesir Monument (and the process of switching between occupations and archives), [Gold Medal – Lock] and [Contribution – Lock] will be consumed first before [Gold Medal] and [Contribution]

6) New achievement unlocked for multi-class 4th Job. When character unlocks a certain number of 4th Jobs, special achievement is available.

  • Unlock 4 multi-class 4th Jobs to unlock achievement [Omnipotent Collector].

Click to unlock mount [Ushabti – Silver]”

  • Unlock 8 multi-class 4th Jobs to unlock achievement [Phantom Envoy].

Click to unlock mount [Ushabti – Lazuli]”

Game Optimizations

1) Optimized purchase of [Daily Special Offer Adventure Gift Box] and [Combined Fate Supply Box]

  • [Daily Special Offer Adventure Gift Box] and [Combined Fate Supply Box] can be purchased all at once in advanced for 30 days at a discounted rate.
  • After purchasing in advance, you will receive the purchased item in your mailbox daily after logging in
  • Unable to purchase in advance if you have bought the gift box that day; If you have purchased in advance, you will not be able to purchase it

2) Optimizing of Daily Task

  • Removed Monster Resistance, Training Grounds and low level Time Rift (eg West Gate Rift), but high level Time Rift remains (eg Night of Destruction)
  • Requirement for “Open Rift” in daily tasks from Assistant has been adjusted to Base level 85. You can now complete it instantly by clicking the “Instant” button
  • After any character in the account has completed Fissure Dungeon, “Instant” button will be unlocked for every character in the same account. Adventure Meatball will be consumed when you choose to instantly complete the quest. On top of the rewards given, you are also able to obtain 150 Eden Coins and random reward from low level time rift (includes defensive glove etc)

3) Endless Tower Optimization

  • Adjusted to account-limited reward. Each account can only receive reward once per week
  • Number of Mini and MVP bosses has been adjusted to 3 times of the original amount and placed in the levels with normal monsters only
  • Raid function will be unlocked once player cleared level 1 ~ 100 after maintenance. Raiding rules are as follow:
  • For level 1~ 70, mini is present in every 5th levels, MVP is present in every 10th levels;
  • For level 71 ~ 100, mini is present in every 3rd and 6th levels, MVP is present in every 10th levels;
  • Other levels do not have any mobs and you can obtain the rewards immediately.”
  • Added new item: Ancient Tower – Psychic Catapult. Able to use only after a week from raid function unlock. Able to obtain rewards for levels 1~100 that have not received rewards the week. Available for sale at Adventure Meatball shop (accessible when you click ‘Use’ on Adventure Meatball), sold at 3 Big Cat Coin each, limited to 1 purchase weekly
  • Any character who has participated in the corresponding levels of Endless Tower before the maintenance will not receive rewards after maintenance

4) Oracle Dungeon Optimization

  • A reset countdown will be added after the Oracle Dungeon group is wiped out. The dungeon will reset after the countdown is over. The reset will be cancelled if a member is resurrected during the countdown
  • Rewards for Oracle Dungeon have been adjusted to be account-limited. One account can only obtain the rewards once per week for each difficulty
  • Account-limited rewards given will be doubled, which includes Gram Dust, Oracle Dust, Oracle Crystal and Zeny. Random Poker Album and Tarot Card Album will be doubled as well.
  • [Nolan Card] which was supposedly account-limited reward, remains as it is
  • Any character who has participated in the corresponding difficulty in Oracle Dungeon before the maintenance will not receive rewards after maintenance

5) New item [Fortune Coin]

  • Able to use Fortune Coin to obtain additional rewards after completion of Oracle Dungeon. Additional reward will be the same as what was given before the maintenance (Nolan card not inclusive)
  • After clearing Thanatos Tower, while obtaining Dragon Bone and Incantation Samurai, you are able to use Fortune Coin to receive another portion of additional rewards
  • Able to purchase [Fortune Coin] from Adventure Meatball with limited quantity weekly, or B Coin Store

6) Newly added The Revenant MVP Dungeon

  • The Revenant MVP will be removed from Endless Tower, Oracle Dungeon, MVP Battle and Guild Instance, and integrated into a single The Revenant MVP Dungeon
  • Added new dungeon: Niflheim Purgatory: After reaching base level 80, Niflheim Purgatory is available to unlock after you have completed the Creepy Purgatory quest from Morse at Niflheim. Dungeon will be added into Assistant automatically upon completion, and you may check the number of challenges completed in a week.
  • Dungeon rules: Dungeon has a total of 4 servants of Hella. Every servant is able to summon The Revenant MVP once. The number of times that the servants summon are calculated individually. For each servant summon, each account can only summon once regardless success or failure
  • Reward details: The drop rate of The Revenant MVP summoned in Purgatory remains unchanged, and the reward will be issued four times (probability of items are calculated separately)

7) Optimization of Peak Breakthrough

  • T2 Advancement Quest: After completing [Agony Trial], max job level will be increased to T2 level 70, and Peak Shards are no longer required to increase job level limit
  • T3 Advancement Quest: After completing [Death’s Breath], max job level will be increased to T3 level 60, and Death’s Breath is no longer required to increase job level limit
  • Peak Shard and Death’s Breath will not be available for sale anymore. Owned Peak Shards can be used to exchange for other items and Zeny will be given when you use Ghost Breath Chest.

8) Optimization of Echoing Corridor

  • After clearing Small Room, party leader can tap Small Map to teleport
  • The number of keys required to clear levels 1-30 has been reduced from 3 to 2
  • Canceled the waiting time for teleport from the room
  • Item bar in dungeons have some amendments: single-click to use item, long-hold on item to check on effects for convenient usage

9) Optimization of Freyr Coin

  • Tabs in Freyr’s Coin Shop have been rearranged respectively as follow: [Hot], [Costume], [Headwear], [Weapons]. Adventurers will be able to access and find what they would like to exchange efficiently~
  • Previously released headwear redemption vouchers are available at Freyr’s Coin Shop. Every headwear redemption voucher is available for 12x Freyr Coins
  • All redemption vouchers in Freyr’s Coin Shop support preview mode. You may preview what is available by clicking on the Preview button on the left side of the redemption coupon

10) Optimize some functions of the setting interface

  • Display Transmogrification: Able to adjust to display the transmogrification of others. If it is not checked, the appearance of other players’ profession will be displayed by default
  • Damage display: Optional damage display mode, newly added simple mode for Adventurers to choose

11) Optimization of Adventure Handbook: All items that can be stored in the Adventure Handbook support quick deposit

12) Optimized display for purchasing of Job: When the backpack detects that Job Voucher is present, it will display it first, and there will be a second confirmation prompt.

13) A reminder mail is added to time-limited items. Adventurers will receive a reminder mail 24 or 48 hours before the expiration of the items, so there is no need to worry about missing out on utilising these items~!

14) Optimized display for exchanging of items on Kafra Adventure Log: Increased quantity for every item available for exchange display

15) Optimize part of skill usage experience: Upon double clicking on [Mystletainn Force], [Wormhole], character will move forward to the furthest point and use the skill

16) Able to change Job and use toys at Home

17) Optimize delete character function: Confirmation prompt on deletion when selected character is equipped with equipment, rune and pets

18) Task optimization

  • Optimizing of quest text dialogues: Dialgoues and typos are fixed for Maplewood Phantom Quest NPC for Main Story, Side Quest and Job Change.
  • Optimization of Map Guidance: Maple Leaf Faramita map teleport guidance and Sorcerer Job-Change map guidance optimized
  • Quest tracking optimized: Direction in Underwater Cave is clearer now
  • New accessory added in [Creste’s Royal Medal]: [Angel Spirit Blueprint]
  • Final reward for Adventure task in Maple Leaf Faramita has been changed to Crystal of Chaos

Issue Fixed

  1. Adjusted skill [Fate Guardian] to be able to use normal attack
  2. Fixed [Life Psychic] unable to put in Prepare for Elite
  3. Fixed def of level 15 [Steel DEF Rune] only increases by 4.5%
  4. Fixed the bug whereby male characters can equip female costume Neon Feather Dress
  5. Fix the bug whereby [Mandragora Howling] is invalid for some time
  6. Fixed the bug whereby Dmg Reduc. does not take effect for skill Pious Concerto
  7. Fixed the bug whereby dialogues for Wasteland’s elite monster Kobold Leader will not disappear automatically
  8. Fixed the bug whereby Osiris’ skill Resurrection Thirst does not take effect when healed
  9. Fix the bug whereby the dead body is snared after being resurrected in the snared state
  10. Fix the problem whereby Machine Re-start – Star Rune’s [Restart] skill does not take effect
  11. Fixed the bug whereby Panel Guardian headwear skill delay reduction was invalid
  12. Fixed the problem whereby Dusk Compass and Old Hand can be used without restrictions
  13. Fixed the problem of wrong answer for Alchemist’s Job Test
  14. Fixed the problem whereby Rogue Plagiarism does not damage weapon
  15. Fixed the problem of unable to choose target when Machine Revolution skill is placed in Auto Attack Bar
  16. Fixed the problem whereby Fairy’s skill Mental Burn does not calculate Ghost attribute