During the Appreciation Jewelry Submission Event (Jojo’s Ragnarok Adventure Event – I’m Not Poring) players can donate gems to a poring in Prontera for Shattered Star, Bug’s Gift, Small Cat Coin and King Poring’s Crystal.

Opening these crystals will give a variety of rewards. Here’s what you can get:

Shattered Star20 Aquamarine1x Mysterious Box 6.0
3x Mithril
1x Big Cat Voucher I (Blue)
Bug's Gift25 Zircon100x Eden Coin
1x Gold Medal
1x Lightning Chain
Small Cat Coin25 Topaz4x Mora Coin
1x Food Voucher
1x Big Cat Voucher Feast (Orange)
King Poring's Crystal20 Amethyst1x Big Cat Voucher II (Pink)
2x Oracle Dust
1x Oracle Crystal