Auto Chess Team Builder Update – added Goddess of Light Piece and Insectoid Race Synergy introduced in Season 5 Auto Chess.

Update Notes

  1. Added Goddess of Light (Divinity Priest piece)
  2. Updated Divinity synergy from 1/2/3 to 2/3
  3. Active Race Synergies no longer removes Divinity Synergy. Note Divinity Synergy will only affect Divinity pieces and pieces with their race synergy not activated.
  4. Added (2) Priest Synergy
  5. Added Insectoid Race Synergy
  6. Poisonous Worm – Replaced Beast Race with Insectoid Race
  7. Lord of Sand – Added Insectoid Race
  8. Added Kira race to Venomancer
  9. Kira synergy now requires (2) to activate

See Patch Notes for details on changes to synergies

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