Arknights AP-4 rewards Purchase Certificates (spent in the certificate shop). The key to Tough Siege is keeping your operators alive in the Poison Haze.

Tough Siege is available on Mon/Thu/Sat/Sun

The Setup

Recommended Operator Elite 1 Lv. 40.

Here are the operators used in this example:

  • 3x Vanguard
  • 3x Healer (Recommended to comfortably sustain the Poison Haze damage over time)
  • 2x Defender
  • 1x Sniper (ST) (Must be at least E1 for the extended range)
  • 1x Sniper (AoE)
  • 1x Caster (ST) (Can be replaced with another Sniper – ST)
  • 1x Guard

Phase One

The first thing to do is wait for the Senior Casters to spawn and move into position.

Were going to slightly displace the one moving to position (A) by deploying an low cost Vanguard.

This will push the Senior Caster slightly upward. Immediately afterwards return your Vanguard that was placed in position (A).

  1. Next place your Sniper (ST) in position (B) facing right. The displacement we did makes it safe for your Sniper to kill both the top Senior Casters.
  2. Drop your Healer in position (C) facing down.
  3. Now deploy your Vanguards first in position (D) then in position (E) both facing right.

Phase Two

  1. Once the two Senior Casters die you can retreat your Sniper (ST) that was in position (B).
  2. Next place your Caster (ST) in position (F) facing right. This is for dealing with air enemies so if you have another Sniper (ST) that would be even better.
  3. Drop another Healer in position (G) facing up.
  4. A Mortar Gunner will spawn in the top right of the stage. Deploy your Guard in position (H) facing right to deal with it.
  5. Retreat your Guard in position (H) as soon as the Mortar Gunner dies.

Phase Three

  1. Place your stronger Defender in position (I) facing right.
  2. Retreat your Vanguard that was in position (E).
  3. Deploy your final Healer in position (J) facing down.
  4. Your Sniper (AoE) goes in position (K) also facing down.
  5. Finally put your second Defender in position (L) facing right.

The Senior Casters will put your healers to work. Having an AoE healer in your team makes the run much easier but with 3 Healers your operators should survive just as well.

Make sure to use your operator skills in the final wave (once Senior Casters are in range) as you want to take min damage whilst doing max DPS.

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