ragnarok mobile pet slot

Pets are an essential part of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love. They provide exp potions to boost your level, meatballs to finish those rifts and board quests and most importantly a way to burn your alt’s stamina for cards and millions of loot via Pet Adventure. To make the most of all these benefits you’ll want to capture more pets straight after you unlock your first pet.

Pet taming items (consumable required to catch pets) can be very expensive, especially for the higher tier pets. Furthermore you will not have guaranteed pet capture success unless you follow one essential step. To have 100% success you will need to use a certain amount of pet taming items. The amount depends on the type of pet, we will list them below so you never end up failing your capture. Unless you’re feeling lucky … but fail anyway …

Capture pet 100% Success Rate

MonsterTaming ItemReq: 100% rateMonster Location
ragnarok mobile poring
ragnarok mobile green apple
Green Apple
3Prontera South
ragnarok mobile lunatic
ragnarok mobile rainbow carrot
Rainbow Carrot
3Prontera South
ragnarok mobile yoyo
ragnarok mobile tropical banana
Tropical Banana
4Prontera West
ragnarok mobile desert wolf baby
Desert Wolf Baby
ragnarok mobile well dried bone
Well-Dried Bone
ragnarok mobile savage babe
Savage Babe
ragnarok mobile sweet milk
Sweet Milk
ragnarok mobile mandragora seed
Mandragora Seed
ragnarok mobile nutrition potion
Nutrition Potion
5Labyrinth Forest
ragnarok mobile green petite
Green Petite
ragnarok mobile shining stone
Shining Stone
6Glast Heim Outskirt
ragnarok mobile isis
ragnarok mobile armlet of obedience
Armlet of Obedience
6Pyramid 1F
ragnarok mobile deviruchi
ragnarok mobile contract in shadow
Contract in Shadow
6Geffen Dungeon


Toy Gun
6Toy Factory 1F

Teddy Bear

Gift Box
6Toy Factory 2F
ragnarok mobile sohee
ragnarok mobile silver knife of chastity
Silver Knife of Chastity
7Payon Cave 2F
ragnarok mobile baphomet jr
Baphomet Jr.
ragnarok mobile book of the devil
Book of the Devil
7Glast Heim Hall

Black Witch

Worn out Gorgeous Clip
7Clock Tower 1F

How to catch more Pets

First go find the pet you desire in the field. Next you will want to select the monster. This is pretty straight forward … unless you have super long range and one hit blast the monster into oblivion (cough … sniper).

If that’s the case simply toggle off your Auto Attack skill via your More>Skills>Adventure Skills tab.

Once selected, open your bag and use the appropriate taming item. (Some players prefer placing the pet item into their item bar but it’s not required)

After you use your first taming item, the pet will start to display hearts to show it’s affection for you. You can now either try to catch the pet or present it with more taming items to increase your chance of capture.

  • Red Hearts – Low Chance
  • Red Hearts & Yellow Circles – Medium Chance
  • Yellow Hearts – 100% Success

To ensure that you have 100% chance of capture keep presenting taming items until you see the Yellow Hearts. Then simply press Catch. Congrats you caught another pet!

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