Clear Ragnarok Mobile’s Oracle Dungeon Raid to earn weekly rewards. Here are some tips to help your party beat this instance without getting wiped.

Dungeon Req Time: 10mins+

Where To Enter

First of all to start a Oracle Dungeon run head to Prontera and speak to Harrod (See Above).

You must be in a party to enter the dungeon. Typically a full 6 player team with a Priest is recommended.

There are 4 difficulties to choose from (Easy, Normal, Hard and Nightmare). You can complete each of these difficulties once a week for rewards.


Completing Oracle Dungeon will reward:

  • Oracle Crystal (Enchantment)
  • Oracle Dust (Enchantment)
  • Gram Dust (King Poring – Cards)
  • Nolan Cards (King Poring – MVP/Mini Cards)
  • Poker Album and Tarot Album

You can spend 7,500 Nolan Cards + 1,500 Gram Dust at King Poring (Prontera South) for a chance at a random MVP/Mini Card.

1. Card Lineup

Keep an eye out for what cards are up next. This will give you a heads up on what monsters and effects will appear.

The rest of these tips will cover some of the important cards in Oracle Dungeon to watch out for.

2. Dodge The Meteors

Perhaps the most important thing to watch out for is the Meteor Card. When you see this card in the lineup get ready to move out of the red circles that are going to appear on the floor.

These Meteors will 1 Hit KO. It can wipe your party, especially if it takes down your healer.

As a precaution you can cook and eat immune to death foods.

3. Avoid Sea of Fire

The Sea of Fire Card isn’t as deadly as the Meteor Card. But this doesn’t mean you can stand in its effect.

Circles of fire will spawn on the floor. Standing in them will deal damage over time.

It won’t kill you instantly but should you die resurrecting you can be a bit of a pain.

4. Stuck in the Sandstorm

The Sand Card will make cast time extremely long. As a spell caster this can lock your character in place.

To deal with this simply unequip your weapon then equip it again.

5. First Kill Healers

Some monsters can heal. Prioritize killing them first otherwise they will make it very difficult to take down the MVP.

Not sure if a healer is around? Just kill all mobs before tacking the MVP.

Healers include: Alice, Dark Priest, Elder Willow, Marina, Menblatt, Obeaune, Vitata

6. How to Deal with Reflect

Monsters with reflect are particularly annoying to deal with. Physical damage dealers like ADL Snipers will insta kill themselves attacking them.

There are two ways to handle Reflect:

  1. Have your casters deal the damage. Reflect only works on physical damage so your Wizards and Warlocks will be fine to attack. For this reason every party should have at least one magic damage dealer.
  2. Have your Priest cast Clearance to remove the monster’s reflect buff (note this will not work if the monster naturally has reflect). For this to work your Preist must have unlocked the Highly Effective clearance rune in their Aesir Monument.

Reflect MVPs include: Phreeoni and Kobold Leader

7. More Annoying Mobs

Whilst these monsters aren’t as annoying as the previous two mentioned they should still be disposed of quickly.

  • Bathory (SP Drain)
    Kill them to save your team’s SP.
  • Rideword (Strip Equipment)
    Have your Ranged DPS members keep their distance while they burst them down. You can also use the Stay Calm Adventure Skill and Repair Alloy to wear stripped equipment.
  • Evil Druid (Multiply)
    Kill them quick before there are too many!

8. The Little Buff Cards

Make use of the buff that appear as little cards on the floor. Try to only take the ones that would benefit your class.

Here’s what they do:

Armor+Dmg Reduc
First-Aid KitHeals and Cures Status
Full Swing+Atk Speed
Pocket Watch+Movespeed
ShieldImmune to Dmg
Skate Shoes+Movespeed

9. Positioning

The Oracle Dungeon area can be divided into to two circles.

  1. Inner Circle (Red): For Tanks/Melee classes.
  2. Outer Circle (Green): Ranged classes including Preists.


  1. Top Left segment (Yellow) is where monsters spawn.
  2. Bottom Right segment (blue) are where buff cards spawn.

This will also help prevent your Ranged classes from being frozen as the Glacier card’s effect spreads from the center of the map.

If you take too long to clear the dungeon a green insta kill poison will form from the outer edges of the arena and slowly move towards the center of the map.

In this case your team should all move towards the center of the map to avoid the gas.

10. Reset Cards

After you enter the instance you can check the order of cards. If it is unfavorable (eg. healer comes with MVP) just re-enter the instance for a new sequence.

Resetting does not change the cards itself, just the order.