Genshin Impact 2.1 update adds the Fishing System to the game. Here’s how to fish, unlock bait blueprints, unlock Pool of Sapphire Grace (Serenitea Fish Pond) and craft fishing bait.

Unlocking Fishing System

  1. Unlock the Serenitea Pot System.
  2. Complete the quest “Exploding Population”.
  3. Speak to Nantuck (Mondstadt Fishing Association NPC) to start the quest.
  4. During the quest you will receive your first fishing rod and some bait.

How to Fish

  1. At a fishing location press F to start fishing.
  2. Select your rod and bait.
  3. Press and hold left mouse button to aim and cast your rod.
  4. The fish will now bite your bait (if not you’re using the wrong bait).
  5. Left click again to start reeling in.
  6. Hold/release left click to adjust tension.
  7. Keep the tension within the yellow area on the tension meter. This will charge your hook icon.
  8. Once the hook icon is full you will get the fish.

Where to find fish? Check out the Fishing Locations Map.

Fishing Rewards

Next you’ll want to submit fish to Fishing Association NPCs for rewards including:

  • Fishing Rods
  • Bait Blueprints
  • Pool of Sapphire Grace (Serenitea Fish Pond where you can keep Ornamental pet fish).
    – Purchase the blueprint first.
    – Then craft it and place it in your Serenitea realm.
    – You may need to remove some furniture to make sure you have enough load.
    – Now you can place your Ornamental Fish into the pond.

There are 3 Fishing Association NPCs to claim rewards from. They are located in:

  • Mondstadt
  • Liyue
  • Inazuma

Crafting Bait

Fishing bait can be crafted at any crafting bench.