This Zomboid Mod adds backpack attachments and sleeping bags to the game. Roll up that sleeping bag for average sleep wherever you go.

Get the Sleeping Bags and Attachments Mod here.

Sleeping Bags

The sleeping bags come in a variety of colours and can be rolled up and placed ontop of your backpack. When you need a place to sleep just unroll it and place it down.

Next day just pick it back up like you would pick up furniture, roll it up and attach it to your backpack.

Not sure which backpack to take. Check out a list of the best backpacks to carry your loot.

Upgrade Your Backpack with Attachment Slots

The Mod also allows you to attach items such as water bottles and lunchboxes to your backpack.

You can add up to an additional 2 slots to your backpack as long as you have a needle, thread, ripped sheets, something to cut with and the required Tailoring levels.