What to spend resin on is an important decision in Genshin Impact. In the beginning your options are limited but as you progress you’ll quickly learn that from farming upgrade materials to artifacts this resource the key to character progression.

The Beginning

Start spending your resin as soon as you hit AR8. This is when Ley Line Outcrops become available.

If you don’t spend it, it will cap out at 120 (changed to 160 from update 1.1) and you will miss out on valuable AR EXP (Adventure Rank EXP).

Early on it doesn’t matter what you spend your Resin on. It’s mainly for helping you farm AR. Just make sure you spend it so you can take advantage of the easy AR EXP.

You can receive 100AR EXP per 20 resin. You will regenerate 1 Resin per 8 mins. That’s 180 Resin a day. Potentially netting you 900AR EXP per day.

Once you are able to farm ascension materials you will need to start prioritizing. Let’s take a look at how best to use your resin.


As you gain AR levels more game content becomes available. Including more ways to upgrade your characters.

In general you will want to prioritize spending resin on guaranteed upgrades such as ascension materials for both your characters and weapons. Take a look at your character and weapons to see what you will need.

Here’s a list to help you decide how to spend your resin:

1. Character Ascension Materials (Elite Bosses)

Character Ascension is available from AR15. It takes top priority as it determines the level cap of your Character, Weapons and Talents.

2. Weapon Ascension Materials (Domains)

Weapon Ascension is available from AR15. Note that the domains for these materials are open during limited days of the week.

3. Talent Books (Domains)

Talents can be upgraded from Character Ascension Tier 2 which is first available at AR25.

Similar to Weapon Ascension Materials the domains for Talent Books are open during limited days of the week.

4. Weekly Boss

Available once per week. Drops get better as World Rank increases. You may want to delay your run until later in the week if you expect your World Rank to increase.

5. Artifacts (Domains)

It is recommended to wait until AR40 before you start farming Artifacts. This is when 5-Star Artifacts start to drop. At AR45 the drop rate is even better.

However you will want to prioritize the guaranteed upgrades like ascension and talent materials first before you spend resin on Artifacts.

Note: Some artifacts such as the Gladiator’s Set are dropped by elite bosses.

6. EXP Cards & Mora (Ley Line Outcrops)

Lowest priority. Farm it when you need it. Early to mid game you should have enough of these resources as long as you focus on a limited number of characters.

Late game these rewards will scale with your World Level giving better value per resin spent than early on.

Pre Farming

You will want to prioritize materials that you can use for upgrades at your current AR. Afterwards you can start preparing materials that will be required once you hit that higher AR.