You’ll eventually need to farm LMD (Lungmen Dollars). It’s the main currency in Arknights and is used for everything from leveling your operators to promoting them.

Let’s look at how best to farm LMD so you can keep that money flowing.

1. Cargo Escort (Supplies Missions)

[ This is the best way to earn LMD ]

Higher level Cargo Escort Missions provide more LMD per Sanity (Stamina). So try to complete the hardest difficulty you can.

Cargo Escort missions are only available on Tue/Thu/Sat/Sun.

Cargo Escort Stage Guides

2. Base Income

You can exchange your Pure Gold produced from your factories for LMD at your Trading Post. You can trade 2x Pure Gold for 1,000 LMD!

Check out our Base Setup Guide

3. Complete Missions

There are a variety of missions you can complete that will reward LMD. Most notably the Daily and Weekly tasks are available on an ongoing basis.

4. Log in Bonus

You’re probably already making use of this one. Collect LMD rewards for just logging in!

5. Combat Operations

Pretty much all combat will reward some LMD. However in small quantities. If you’re looking to farm it, stick with the Cargo Escort Missions.

6. The Store

Last of all you can also purchase LMD with real monies via a variety of packs available in the Arknights Store.