Drodo adds Winter Chiropteran, new 1 Cost Dragon Mage piece to Auto Chess.

Tagged as a Escape, Healer piece this new unit has the ability to freeze an ally, protecting them from losing HP whilst recovering a percentage of their health (if it’s the only piece on the board it can freeze itself).

Patch Notes

Along with the new piece addition we have a couple more additions and changes to the game.


  1. Added new Piece – Winter Chiropteran
  2. Added new permanent Mode – Duo Mode
  3. Added Auto Star-up function with switch in Settings
  4. Added Auto Deploy function with switch in Settings
  5. Added Leaderboard: Chess Pass Level
  6. It’s possible to team up (2 members only) in Ranked Mode (Classic)


  1. Optimized adaptation for low-end devices
  2. Optimized Tutorials
  3. Optimized broadcast of Win Streak
  4. Optimization settlement interface for Duo Mode: added information about Shared Pieces
  5. Added Recommended Lineup function in Novice Mode
  6. Added and displayed Exclusive Honor Avatar Frame award for Queen-rank Players in Season Settlement interface
  7. Optimized Piece icons
  8. Integrated Star-level unblocking progress in Illustration interface
  9. It’s possible to exchange in batch in Exchange Store
  10. It’s possible to skip the animation of settlement
  11. It’s possible to play randomly BGM in homepage
  12. Integrated Star-up button in Piece store interface
  13. Now the rename function costs Donuts instead of Candies
  14. Find a more suitable position for Lucky Coin and Steel Platemail
  15. Optimized Steel Platemail’s icon
  16. Corrected typos in mode selection
  17. Updated 1st Recharge Pack
  18. Updated Gacha
  19. Adjusted some goods in Store
  20. Optimized effect when chessplayer loses blood, and added a switch in Settings
  21. Canceled display of Players’ ranking in following interface: in-game chat, info panel, settlement interface

Duo Mode

A 2v2 Duo mode has been permanently added to the game. According to Drodo’s in game announcement, a Ranked Duo mode is also to be introduced in the future.

Removed Stone Spirit

Although not in the patch notes, it appears that Stone Spirit has also been removed from the game (likely part of Drodo’s usual unit cycling that they have been doing).

However this is the first time where the removal of a unit has also meant a change to the available synergies. With the remove of Stone Spirit means that it is no longer possible to unlock the (4) Spirit synergy.

Want to plan a build? We’ve added Winter Chiropteran to our Team Builder.