There are 4 key areas of equipment progression in Ragnarok Mobile. You can enhance, upgrade, refine and enchant equipment. Each of these are ways you can upgrade your gear. Enchanting equipment is often the last of these methods that players dabble with. This is likely because many players opt save their mora coins until they unlock Advanced Enchantment. More on that later.

All levels of Enchantment (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Enchantment) adds additional stats to your gear. However only Advanced enchantment gives players a chance at unlocking the powerful 4th enchantment stat. Lets look at how to unlock each stage of Enchantment.

Basic Enchantment

ragnarok mobile enchantment npc geffen

Reached base level 40? Let’s first unlock the basic enchant. First head to the north of Geffen and speak to “Cat Friend”. Congrats, haha that was easy. Basic Enchantment is now unlocked … free of charge might I add. Basic enchantment will only cost you 5,000 zeny. However it has the lowest potential benefit (Example in table below). Let’s move on.

Intermediate Enchantment

ragnarok mobile unlock intermediate enchantment

Speak to Cat Friend again. This time you will be told speak to Reyen in the middle of Geffen. Reyen will instruct you to kill 50 Goblins. Head straight to the West exit of Geffen, enter Goblin Forest and go slay those goblins. Done? Now head back to Reyen, he will now tell you to find Hayward in Morroc.

Hayward will be in the center of the Morroc map. If you have trouble finding him simply select the quest from your quest panel (right hand side of game interface) and he will be marked on your mini map. After speaking with him he will tell you to head back to Cat Friend in Geffen. You will need to provide 30 Scell, 30 Immortal Heart and 5 Mora Coins. Hand over the materials and Cat Friend will unlock Intermediate Enchantment. For 2 Mora Coins and 5,000 zeny you can now perform Intermediate Enchantment. We’re not stopping here, Advanced Enchantment is what we’re here for.

Note: You can exchange 10 Friendship Proof for 1 Mora Coin. You can earn up to 100 Friendship Proof a day and up to a limit of 500 per week. Friendship proof is obtained by completing tasks with friends in your party. These tasks include Mission Board Quests, Rifts, Guild Dojo and Endless Tower.

Advanced Enchantment

ragnarok mobile unlock advanced enchantment

Once you reach Level 70 you can begin unlocking Advanced Enchantment. Unlocking Advanced Enchantment is significantly more expensive than its two predecessors. This is because your cat friend now wants 3x Light Granules, 3x Star Crumb and 3x Parts. This may sound expensive however it is well worth the investment (more on that below). Hand over the goodies and you will be tasked with defeating Phantom Khalitzburg in Payon South.

One you completely obliterate that pile of tin head back to Geffen and speak to Cat Friend one last time. Hand over 10 Mora coins and you’re good to go. Congrats you’ve unlocked advanced enchantment. You can now perform Advanced Enchantment for 4 Mora Coins and 20,000 Zeny.

Unlocked enchantment levels (basic, inter, adv) are character based ie not account wide. However enchanted equips can be transferred between characters using Kafra shared storage.

Why Advanced Enchantment

ragnarok mobile enchant equipment cat friend

The three levels of enchantment (basic, advanced and intermediate) all provide additional stats to your equipment. However higher levels of enchantment has greater odds of providing better stats. To see the difference let’s look at the three tiers of enhancement and the possible stats for Cross bow below.

Note: You can view the available stats for your item by clicking the “i” icon next to the Enchantment Button.

Enchantment StatBasicIntermediateAdvanced
Healing Increase+1%~+5%
Dmg Inc.+1%~+4%
Dmg Reduc.+1%~+4%
Gear ASPD+1%~+4%
Silence Res+1%~+25%+1%~+25%
Freeze Res+1%~+25%+1%~+25%
Stone Res+1%~+25%+1%~+25%
Stun Res+1%~+25%+1%~+25%
Blind Res+1%~+25%+1%~+25%
Poison Res+1%~+25%+1%~+25%
Snare Res+1%~+25%+1%~+25%
Fear Res+1%~+25%+1%~+25%
Curse Res+1%~+25%+1%~+25%
Receive special effects when following stats are obtained
Morale Str + Atk
Effect Ignore Def
CastInc INT + M.Atk
Effect C.T. Reduc.
Arch Dex + Hit
Effect Ranged Atk Inc.
Sharp AGI + LUK
Effect Crit.Dmg Inc.
Sharp Blade ASPD + Dmg Inc.
Effect Melee Atk Inc.
Tenacity Critical + Def
Effect Physical Dmg Reduc.
ragnarok mobile 4th enchantment

As you can see the higher the enchantment tier the greater the potential stat amount. Advanced Enchantment provides the highest possible stats as well as a more favorable range (Higher min and max). In essence the maximum possible enchantment stat eg. Atk +40 is only available to Advanced Enchantment. Furthermore stats like Crit.Dmg% and Critical are only available with Advanced Enchantment. Finally the “composite feature” also known as the 4th Enchantment are only available to Advanced Enchantment. These include Sharp which can add up to 20% Crit. Dmg and Arch/Sharp Blade which can add up to 10% Ranged/Melee Atk.

Oracle Dust and Oracle Crystal

ragnarok mobile oracle dust

If you’ve checked out the friendship shop for your Mora coins you’ve probably noticed the two pink items Oracle Dust and Oracle Crystal. So what are these for? Well, for advanced enchantment your Headwear, Face and Mouth equipment you will cost 4x Oracle Dust + 50k Zeny. For Back and Tail equipment you will cost 6x Oracle Crystal + 50k Zeny.

Note: The price of Oracle Dust and Oracle Crystal Increases as you exceed your weekly account’s purchase times. Eg Initially Oracle Dust will cost 50k, however will increase to 80k each after purchasing 4x. As for Oracle crystal after purchasing 4x its cost will increase from 100k to 150k. To save zeny you can purchase the cheapest batch weekly, otherwise splurge away!