auto chess mobile divinity gods update

The 27 June 2019 update adds Divinity (Gods) Race Synergy to Auto Chess Mobile (Drodo).
This new race adds two new pieces to the pool. God of Thunder (Powerful Legendary Nuker) and God of War (Cost efficient and durable with an unique mechanic).

The Divinity Race Synergy

The Divinity Synergy when active reduces all your pieces’ skill cool down.
(1) Reduces all ally pieces’ Skill CD by half
(2) Reduces all ally pieces’ Skill CD by half

With just one piece all your skill cool downs are cut in half! Additionally each level of the Divinity synergy stacks. Meaning with the 2 piece synergy buff you receive an additional 50% Skill CD Reduction on top of your initial 50% Skill CD Reduction. That’s a whopping 75% CD Reduction.

So whats the catch? Well, whilst it sounds insane being able to spam skills there is one drawback. The Divinity synergy can only be active when there are no other active race synergies. Yup, that means on top of your epic cool down reduction, you can only benefit from Class based synergies.

Note: Whilst having one Demon piece on your board will deactivate your Divinity bonus, having multiple demons will not. This is because having more than one Demon on your board deactivates your Demon race synergy. Unless you have the (2) Witcher synergy of course.

Let’s take a look at the pieces themselves

God of War (Mars)

auto chess mars

(1 Gold) Escape, Durable, Nuker

God of War (Mars) is a durable common piece. What makes this piece unique is that it does not have an auto attack itself nor does he have mana. Instead it relies on its Shield Crash Skill to soak up damage before dealing AoE damage (forward facing cone) to his enemies.

Reduces Physical Damage by 30% upon receiving attacks from the front, and by 15% from the side. Meanwhile, deals 150 Physical Damage to enemies within 3 grids ahead every 8 seconds

Shield Crash Skill

Note: The addition of Mars brings the total warrior count up to 10. Being a 1 cost unit this makes accessing the (9) Warrior synergy bonus easier.

God of Thunder (Zeus)

auto chess zeus

(5 Gold) Nuker

God of Thunder (Zeus) adds another Legendary piece to the pool. Zeus has a powerful skill that does HP based damage to enemy pieces. This will be especially helpful to mages when versing high HP compositions. Specifically, the skill has a 50% chance of dealing damage to all opponent pieces on the board. The magic damage itself equates to 15% +300 of the target pieces’ remaining HP.

Summons thunder to punish at least 1 enemy piece, and has a 50% chance of dealing Magical damage equals to 15% +300 of the target piece’s remaining HP to it.

Zeus’ Punishment Skill

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