ragnarok mobile craft maiden band

The Maiden Band Headwear item provides +4% Dmg to Devil Race and Str +2 when worn. More importantly it provides a Deposit Bonus: M.Atk +6 and Craft Bonus: Atk +3. To purchase the blueprint you will need to first head to Glast Heim and complete an unlocking quest.

You will need to be base level 80 to start the quest for unlocking the Maiden Band Blueprint.

Unlock Maiden Band Blueprint

ragnarok mobile unlock maiden band quest

Head to Glast Heim and speak to Elly Vay (See Above). Now accept the “New Product Promo…” Quest. A girl wearing the Maiden Band will appear next to Elly. Speak to her, then talk to Elly again. You will need to give her 100x Abyss Flowers and 1x Wrapping Lace. After submitting the items you’ll be able to buy the Maiden Blueprint for 776 Eden Coins.

Crafting Maiden Band

Crafting the Maiden Band will require 1x Maiden Band Blueprint, 744x Abyss Flower, 2x Wrapping Lace and 2,231x Rotten Bandage and 102,000 Zeny.

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