Here’s a guide for the Serenitea Pot Genshin Impact housing system, how it works and some tips to help you progress.

How it Works?

Once you have completed the unlocking quest you will receive the new gadget Serenitea Pot. It’s basically Genshin Impact’s housing system. You’ll be able to customise and fill your own little world with buildings, furniture and more.

Besides having a cool home to show off to your friends you’ll also be able to purchase useful items for your characters including Transient Resin and Sanctifying Essence (Artifact EXP Potions).

These items can be purchased from the Realm Depot (Realm Assistant NPC Tubby). But it will cost Realm Currency. Realm Currency is passively generated. How much is generated depends on your Serenitea Pot’s Adeptal Energy.

Placing furnishings both inside and outside your house will increase Adeptal Energy. Essentially we need Furnishings. Which can be either crafted (with blueprints and materials) or purchased directly.

3 Ways to Obtain Blueprints

#1 Adeptal Mirror
This is like your Adventure Handbook. Complete a bunch of tasks to receive rewards (incl. Blueprints). Initially you’ll likely complete these tasks without thinking so just remember to collect your goodies.

#2 Trust Rank
Leveling your Trust Rank also awards Blueprints. You’ll need Trust Rank EXP which is awarded when you craft new furnishings.

First of all Blueprints are stored in your inventory’s Precious Items tab. Don’t forget to use them to make them available in your crafting menu.

Next look for the blue teapot icons in your Furnishing Schematics tab. Craft one of each of these furnishings first so that you can get that Trust Rank EXP.

#3 Realm Depot
You can directly purchase blueprints from the Realm Depot with Realm Currency. You will not need to do this initially as the first two methods will supply a good amount of blueprints. You can invest your spare Realm Currency here first.


You will also need materials to craft your furnishings. Wood is collected from trees and materials like Fabric and Dye are crafted.

A few tips:

  1. The “swap materials” option allows you to choose alternative items to use for crafting Fabric and Dye.
  2. Silk Flowers can be found in Liyue Harbor and Wangshu Inn.
  3. Use a character with a fast attack animation like a lance user to collect wood faster.

Purchasing Furnishings Directly

Besides crafting, furnishings can also be purchased directly:

#1 Realm Depot
Sold for Realm Currency at the Realm Depot. You may want to save this for later as unlike with purchasing blueprints, furnishings will not give Trust Rank EXP.

Left: Mondstadt Furniture NPC, Right: Qince Village Furniture NPC

#2 In Teyvat
Sold for Mora at 2 NPCs. One in Mondstadt and another at Qince Village (See Above).

#3 Travelling Salesman
Sold for Realm Currency at the Travelling Salesman NPC.

The Travelling Salesman appears in your realm from:
Friday 4:00 AM to Monday 4:00 AM of the next week (GMT-5).

The Travelling Salesman appears in other realms (ie visit your friends):
Saturday 4:00 AM to Monday 4:00 AM of the next week (GMT-5).


Crafting takes a long time. You’ll have a bunch of new blueprints to craft so don’t be afraid to use your Vial of Adeptal Speed. It’ll make progressing much faster.

Don’t worry you’ll be able to purchase 5 of these every day from the Realm Depot for 10 Realm Currency each.

Additionally friends visiting your realm can help speed up your crafting by 4hrs! Therefore you may want to set your teapot visitor settings to “Allow Direct Join” (see above) to make things easier.

To bring up this menu just select the Map in the top left hand corner whilst in your realm then select the guest icon in the top right hand corner of the interface.

How to visit friend’s realms? Just open up your friends list, select their profile image and choose “Request to visit Serenitea Pot”.