This Dragon Mage Auto Chess Meta Build is everywhere. There are many Mage Builds but Wall Mages conquers them all. Trap your opponent in a corner and destroy them with huge AOE burst.

Reasons to why this build is good this meta:

  • Wall traps and groups troops for AOE burst
  • Mages no longer needs lose streak to scale
  • Dragons are easy to build early/mid game
  • Pulse staffs is easy to find
  • Easy to find Legendaries
  • Best Legendary (Desvastor) can be used in this build
  • Wall projects against counter builds like assassins

The Build

Dragon Knight
Frostblaze Dragon
God of Thunder
Pirate Captain
Shining Dragon
The Source
Thunder Spirit
Tortola Elder
Winter Chiropteran
0( 1 / 6 )
0( 1 / 6 )
6( 7 / 9 )
0( 1 / 9 )
0( 1 / 6 )
3( 4 / 6 )
4( 4 / 6 )
1( 1 / 2 )
0( 1 / 9 )
0( 1 / 4 )
0( 1 / 4 )

Devastator can be your 10th Piece


The Dragon Synergy will prioritize pieces from left to right. Therefore to ensure that your Frostblaze Dragon can cast its ice wall at the start of the round you need to ensure that it isn’t the last positioned Dragon piece (from left to right) – Eg. See Above.

Alternatively you could replace either Winter Chiropteran or Shining Dragon with a Mage Piece.

  • Devastator and Pirate Captain can be placed in the frontline to help their skills go off.
  • Tortola Elder and Shining Dragon goes in the back corner to help land their AoE.

Item Recommendations

Pulse Staff and Orb of Refresh
God of Thunder and Devastator (Pulse Staff is particularly helpful in helping your pieces cast their skills first)

Python Wand/Claw Wand
God of Thunder and Devastator to prevent them from being stunned/silenced.

Defensive Items
Pirate Captain (primary tank)

Offensive Items
Dragon Knight

Watch Gameplay!