Where to get Chopper parts to build your first vehicle in Last Day on Earth Survival. Here’s everything you’ll need to unlock your motorcycle.

Chopper Blueprint

Cost: 10 Pine Planks, 5 Iron Bars, 5 Iron Bolts

Previously players had to first build the Chopper Blueprint. However now there will find a crafted and placed on in your starter beginner base.

Assembling the Chopper

To complete the construction of your first vehicle you will need a bunch of materials. Here’s what you need and where to find them:

Bolts30Storage units
Ball Bearing10Bunker Alfa, Resource Zones
Chopper Fork1Bunker Alfa
(Yellow/Red coupon crates)
Chopper Gas Tank1Bunker Alfa
(Yellow/Red coupon crates)
Basic Backpack4Craft
(2x Rope + 3x Plant Fiber)
Scrap Metal30Storage units
Rubber Parts20Storage units
Chopper Wheel2Bunker Alfa
(Green, Yellow/Red coupon crates)
Wiring10Storage units
Engine Part20Bunker Alfa
(Green/Yellow/Red coupon crates)
Storage units are across all locations in LDoE and come in a variety of forms such as lockers, crates and shelves

The Rare Items
The Chopper Fork, Chopper Gas Tank, Chopper Wheel and Engine Parts are considered the harder items to collect.

However if you run Bunker Alfa as part of your routine you should be able to get your hands on them pretty quickly.

Fuel and Fast Traveling

Once assembled your Chopper can be used to quickly travel to and from locations on the global map (just like with using energy to run).

Additionally it also grants access locations such as the Gas Station and the Rest Stop Event.

However driving your Chopper will consume Gasoline.

Fueling (Pour On/Off)
You can both add and remove fuel to and from your Chopper.

First interact with the back of your Chopper to open its Inventory menu.

  1. To add Fuel place Gasoline (adds 25 Fuel) or Bottle with Gasoline (adds 5 Fuel) in the fuel slot (See Above). Next select the right arrow.
  2. To remove Fuel place empty bottles in the fuel slot. Next select the left arrow.


Do you have to drive to bring the Chopper with you?
No, you can walk/run and save your Fuel. The Chopper will be taken with you as long as its fuel capacity is above the red line.

Does driving the Chopper in zones consume Fuel?
Yes, this includes your home base too.

How much can the Chopper carry?
The default Chopper starts with 2 Inventory slots and can hold 200 Fuel. These can be upgraded at the Gas Station.

What happens if I die?
Your Chopper will spawn with you at your home base with all its inventory items intact. In essence your chopper’s Inventory can be used as a safe storage when exploring zones.