Here are locations to find Unusual Hilichurl (Wei) in Genshin Impact a new monster that was added in update 1.1.

Monster Details

  1. Defeat up to 4 Unusual Hilichurl a day in your world.
  2. Each one rewards 18 AR EXP, 233 Mora and Cabbages.
  3. Join your friends in Co-Op and receive up to 180 AR EXP per day.
  4. Eliminating 1, 20, 50 Unusual Hilichurls unlocks achievements that reward 5, 10, 20 Primogems.

It’s not really worth farming as there are too many locations it can appear at. If anything it’s a nice lil easter egg to find.

Location Map

Spawn locations based off interactive map as found on official Mihoyo Chinese website.