Drodo and its premium partners are now taking registrations for its upcoming 2019 Auto Chess Invitational Tournament. Sign up to compete for the massive USD$1 Million prize pool.

Following up on their previous announcement, Drodo and GLL have now launched a registration portal for players to join their upcoming tournament. Other regions will likely follow suit.

How To Join

The European (Includes Middle East & Africa) and North American qualifiers will be run in conjunction with GLL and are now available for registration. Get in early so you don’t miss out!

Register for EU & NA Qualifiers

Qualifier Structure

The Qualifiers will be held in rounds between 6th-8th September. Rounds will be played in groups of 8 with the initial one comprised of 1,024 participants (129 Groups of 8).

The top 4 from each group will advance to the next round. In essence halving the total players each round. The top 4 EU and NA finalists will be invited to the Invitational, to be held between 25th-27th October in Shanghai.

More details: NA & EU Qualifier Structure