Here’s how to clear TR-15 in Arknights. TR-15 is probably the first challenging Training Mission you will encounter.

Found in Episode 3 of the Main Story mode this mission is meant to teach players about refunding.

How to Refund

Have yet to Refund (Return) an operator? Just select the operator you wish to return and select that “running man” icon (See Above).

Phase One

  1. First Deploy your Plume (Vanguard) in position (A).
  2. Next place Fang (Vanguard) behind Plume in position (B).
  3. Now position Jessica (Sniper) in position (C) facing left.
  4. Refund Plume just before he dies.

These three operators will be enough to hold off the enemies on top.

There are multiple ways to complete this level but the key take away is to refund (return) your operators for Deployment Points.

Phase Two

  1. Refunding Plume will give you enough DP to deploy Beagle (Defender) in position (A).
  2. Next refund Jessica and Fang.
  3. With the additional DP place Amiya (Caster – ST) in position (B).
  4. You can also place down Hibiscus (Medic – ST) in position (C) for good measure.