In Project Zomboid you can use plumbing to connect Rain Collector Barrels to sinks and taps. The rain water running through sink will come out clean.

Set Up Plumbing

  1. First you will need a Pipe Wrench.
  2. Next ensure that the water source (eg Rain Collector Barrel Lv. 4 Carpentry) is one level above the fixture and within 3×3 range.
  3. The water fixture such as a sink must be placed by the player (you can pick up and place sinks with just a Pipe Wrench).
  4. Only fixtures inside a building can be plumbed ie. enclosed by walls/wall frame, door/door frame and roof.
  5. You can connect sinks, baths, showers, toilets and washing machines.
  6. The last step is to right click the fixture and select “Plumb”.
  7. Once plumbed the sink will draw water from the 3×3 tiles above and dispense clean water.