Level Tailoring fast in Project Zomboid by adding and removing patches from clothes. Get Level 8 to patch holes and fully repair your clothes.

Leveling Tailoring

The initial tailoring levels can be gained pretty quickly. Here’s what gives exp:

  • Getting thread from ripping clothes (Scissors are required to rip Denim and Leather). The probability of obtaining thread will increase as your Tailoring Skill improves.
  • Adding padding/patches to clothes (Requires Needle and Thread).
  • Removing padding/patches from clothes (Requires Needle).

The bulk of your exp will come from adding/removing padding. There are 3 types of fabrics you can use for this (Ripped Sheets, Denim Strips and Leather Strips).

For leveling you can just use Ripped Sheets or Denim Strips as they are easier to come by. Save your Leather Strips for clothing you actually want to upgrade.

Don’t forget to read Tailoring skill books to maximise your EXP gain.

Adding and Removing Padding (Upgrading)

Just right click your clothes and select “Inspect”. This will bring up the tailoring menu. From there you can choose to add/remove padding to individual parts of your clothing item or just add/remove everything at once.

You can keep adding/removing padding to your single piece of clothing for exp. Coveralls/overalls or any clothing that covers the entire body is best for this as it allows you to add/remove patches to many body parts at once.

Adding padding will not affect the insulation of your clothing.

How Much Protection Tailoring Adds

The higher level Tailoring you have the greater the benefit your clothing will receive.

For maximum protection you can wear multiple players of clothing with leather patches. However these additional layers will be hot during the warmer months.

Tailoring LevelRipped Sheets
Denim Strips
Leather Strips
21%1%/2%/1% 2%/4%/2%
105%5%/10%/5% 10%/20%/10%

Repairing Clothes

Repairing (patching) is also done in the tailoring menu (inspect clothes). If there is a hole in your clothing it will be displayed underneath the respective body part that it relates to. Simply right click the part and select Patch Hole.

Level 8 Tailoring or above is required to restore original defense, condition and insulation of clothing. However you will need the appropriate fabric to do so.

Certain clothing like boots, bullet proof vests and firefighter’s clothing.