Did you know that every now and then you can can get a small amount of quick and easy free contribution points? Many players would already be making use of this but in case aren’t yet here’s how.

So how do you do it? Guild Quests! … Wait, but isn’t that obvious? Yes, but there’s one that you can easily and quickly complete, all by yourself without having to bother anyone. Add this to your daily routine for a bit of extra contribution points.

The Solo Guild Quest

The “Picture Frame” guild quest (See Above) can provide up to 2 tasks you can complete. These are:

  • Wonderful Memories – Take a group photo with 2 guild members (25 contribution Points)
  • Shining Eternally – Take a group photo with 4 guild members (30 contribution Points)

They both require you to take photos of guild members. But you can simply take a couple snaps of yourself. That’s it, go collect your freebies.