What are the best cards in Challengers! board game? Here’s a tier list to help you draft a strong deck and win more.

A Deck Tier List

  • Vendor and A.I. are two of the best A Deck cards (core cards for best mid/late builds).
  • Stable Boy scales well into the mid/late game.
  • Jester is very strong early game, activating its ability will often guarantee you a first round win.
  • Make-up Artist is very strong early game. To make the most of it, it does require to be drawn early.
  • Rescue Pod has decent odds of activating. However can lose you many early rounds on the off chance that it doesn’t.
  • (3) Animal cards only have 3x copies in the deck making it difficult to draft duplicates. However seeing 2x in one go is a solid choice and will often win you early rounds.

B Deck Tier List

  • UFO is one of the strongest B Deck cards, it makes your deck stronger outside of drafting. Plus since the cards go underneath your deck you won’t have to worry about busting, just make sure to keep them at the bottom.
  • Necromancer puts benched cards back into your deck. Extra cards is very powerful.
  • Clairvoyant is the strongest deck rearrangement card, very good for getting key cards onto your bench early.
  • Mascot will often have a power of 5+ as long as it doesn’t come out too early.
  • Ghost will give you a 1 for 1 trade, but there is a chance you can get rid of a very strong opponent card.
  • (5) Animal cards are better than their (3) counterpart (as there are many (4) power cards). A nice pick especially if you can get duplicates.

C Deck Tier List

  • Hologram is really annoying to deal with. It adds a random B Deck card to your opponents deck which often makes them run out of bench space before playing all their cards. The best card to counter this is Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Illusionist can have up to 11 Power if flipped when all your bench spaces are empty.
  • Vampire is similar to Necromancer, it can take cards from your bench back into your deck.
  • Prince is top tier as it doesn’t get benched on flag loss (most of the time it will be able to grab the flag), this means you won’t have to count this card to your ideal unique card limit.
  • Submarine has very high power but you need to sacrifice the bottom card of your deck.
  • Villain has the highest base power however you will need to add a random A Deck card to the top of your deck. This can cause you to bust if you aren’t able to clear space.
  • Bumper Car allows you to reorder your next 3 cards, generally you’ll be able to benefit from this.
  • Vacuum Cleaner is the best card for cleaning up bench space.
  • (7) Animals are strong picks, typically an instant pick if duplicate.