Skills in Project Zomboid get exponentially harder to level, here’s a guide to help you level crafting skills fast.

To level faster read the relevant skill books before you start grinding EXP.

Crafting Skills

SkillToolsHow to Level
Carpentry- Hammer
- Screwdriver
- Saw
- Watch Life and Living (Day 1-8)
- Disassemble furniture
- Double beds and large wardrobes give the most exp
Cooking- Pots/pans
- Oven
- Watch Life and Living (Day 1-9)
- Cooking food
- Add ingredients for more exp
Farming- Shovel
- Seeds
- Water container
- Harvest crops
First Aid- Bandages
- Suture Needle and Holder
- Tweezers
- Treat wounds
Electrical- Screwdriver- Collect digital watches and other electronics and dismantle after reading skill book
Metal Working- Propane Torch
- Welding Mask
- Propane Tank
- Dismantle metal furniture
- Dumpsters, car wrecks, bathtubs and metal shelves give good exp
Mechanics- Screwdriver- Uninstall/Reinstall windshields and windows
Tailoring- Needle
- Thread
- Scissors
- Add/Remove patches to cloths (use denim, ripped sheets)

Skills take a long time to level, check out the best skills to focus on.

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