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Unlock Adventurer Rank C and unlock Ymir’s Notebook plus another Auto Skill Slot. Ymir’s Notebook can be used to save your Stats, Skills and Runes. This essentially provides unlimited resets and allows players to test and change builds without having to pay for costly reset items.

Unlocking Quest

ragnarok mobile adventurer rank c kakaro

You will need Adventurer Level 25 for this one. To start the quest head to Prontera to see Kakaro as usual. He will tell you to travel to Payon and find Solo Took the leader of the Adventurer’s Guild. Solo Took will ask whether you have 1 Million Zeny. Don’t worry he won’t take it from you, just show him the money. Next you’ll be asked to obtain and activate Mentor License (This is different from becoming a Mentor).

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Mentor License – Novice Gadar

ragnarok mobile novice gadar

Let me start by saying that the Mentor License quest is by far the most amusing quest I’ve done so far. To start, head to Payon and find Gadar the novice. He will quickly disappear once you speak to him (He does this alot …) Go find him as he will need saving from a pair of Bigfoot. Impressed by your heroic actions he becomes inspired to become an adventurer just like you! This is where you begin a chain of events where you’ll be recounting your novice days as you guide this bright eyed newbie into the harsh world of Ragnarok. You’ll revisit NPC’s like Poya in Prontera South, Higgy Eez in Prontera’s Adventure HQ and even that racoon disguised as Baphomet.

Mentor’s Interview Questionnaire

Follow the chain of quests and eventually you’ll be asked to complete the Mentor’s Interview questions. The answers to this quiz are as follows:

  • True – The novice cannot equip the weapons exclusive for each job before job change
  • True – Many wild maps have very dangerous monsters. Novices should be cautious
  • False – In Auto Combat, when your HP or SP is less than a half, you will automatically use the potions in your shortcut bar
  • True – Novices can also create guilds
  • False – After the first advancement, the Swordsman becomes Lord Knight
  • True – Assassin Cross is the T2 job of Thief
  • True – High Wizard is the T2 job of Mage
  • False – Sniper is the T2 job of Archer
  • False – High Priest is the T2 job of Acolyte
  • True – It requires patience to teach a novice, and at the same time, it also requires considerable strength

After answering all the questions correctly you’ll receive the Mentor License. This is enough for you to continue your Adventure Class C Quest, however you can choose to continue and complete the Mentor License quest and receive an Eternal Rock (Stat Reset Item) for your efforts.

Witness Gadar’s Glory

ragnarok mobile gadar glory

Should you continue the Mentor License quest you’ll be encouraging Gadar to take the class upgrade. He eventually works up the courage to take the test. You head into Adventurer HQ, ready to congratulate your pupil. Surprise … or not … you find out that Gadar failed miserably and disappeared again … hahaha. You end up finding him in the Church yard, yup that’s where the Smokie was. Gadar gathers all his courage to defend you from the dangerous Baphomet (You know it’s just a smokie …), earns the respect he deserves and receives his Class Promotion. This time you’re at the altar leading the job transfer ceremony. Oh the memories. Now watch as you “witness Gadar’s Glory.”

Back to Adventurer Rank C

ragnarok mobile payon solo took

Once you have unlocked the Mentor License head back to Payon and speak to Solo Took. You’ll be asked to jump back and forth between Doctor Noya and Archbishop Thomasville in Prontera in order to heal Katz Los in Payon Forest. This part will require a total of 1,000 Evil Horn.

Now that Katz is healed, head back to Thomasville in Prontera. He will ask you to kill Doppelganger. Just like with Adventurer Rank D you can either prod Doppel in Geffen Dungeon or defeat him in ET (In this case it may be easier to go for the poke in Geffen). Got that Doppel Kill? You’ll be directed to the north part of Geffen dungeon to finish the task. Next head to Payon South and speak to Katz. He will now task you with passing Endless Tower Floor 70.

Quest Items

Ok done with ET? You’re nearly there! One more task to go. For the last part you’ll need 1x Orc Claw, 1x Antenna, 1x Dragon Scale and 500x Necklace of Wisdom. Once you have the items go ahead and submit them to Katz. You will now be directed back to Payon to speak with Solo Took to receive your promotion. That’s it! Congrats on Adventure Class C

Ymir’s Notebook

ragnarok mobile unlock ymor's notebook

If you’ve made it this far you’re probably after Ymir’s Notebook. After you’ve obtained Adventure Class C you can purchase the Adventure Skill Dimensional Fracture for 500,000z. This will give you the item Ymir’s Notebook. Open it from your bag and you’ll be able to store character instances. First reset your character stats, skills and runes. Next save that raw instance. Now you’ll be able to load that character instance and reallocate your stats, skills and runes without spending a cent.

What you get

Adventure Skills

  • Board Leader – Can take board quests for party members within quest level limit range
  • Space Expansion – +20 Bag Slots
  • Dimensional Fracture – Ymir’s Notebook (Unlimited skill, stat, rune reset)
  • Combat Skill IV – +1 Auto Skill Slot

Adven. Class C – MaxHP +6

Pet Material Shop
Unlock Armlet of Obedience (200 Colorful Shell) – Isis Pet Capture Item

999 Eden Coins

Pet Labor

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