Here are some essential Arknights Beginner Tips to help you progress faster, get stronger operators and clear those stages.

1. Get that Free 6 Star

Make use of that Discounted Beginner Banner. You can have a total of 20 attempts with 10 only costing 3,800 Orundum (as opposed to the usual 6,000 Orundum).

Additionally your first 10 rolls will guarantee a 6 Star Operator.

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2. Complete Daily and Weekly Missions

Make the most of those Daily and Weekly mission rewards. There’s a bunch to collect including LMD, Drill Battle Record (EXP Tickets) and Orundum.

3. Team Composition

A balanced Squad will help you breeze past all the early stages of the game. A good place to start is 2x Vanguards, 2x Defenders, 2x Snipers, 2x Casters, 2x Healers and 2x Guards. Two of each will be sufficient for many maps!

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4. Build Your Base

Start building your base and upgrading your facilities as early as possible. It will help your ongoing need for EXP Cards and LMD (main currency).

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5. Make Use of Operator Base Buffs

All operators have base buffs. These are bonuses that become active when the operator is assigned to a specific base facility.

Make sure you pick the right operator and keep their Morale topped up by using the Dormitory.

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6. Level Your Operators Evenly

Try not to focus on a single operator. Instead level your squad evenly. This is because it gets exponentially more costly to level your operators.

Best to make the most of those cheaper early levels first!

7. Upgrade Your Operator Skills

Besides leveling and promoting your Operators you can also upgrade their skills. The first 4 levels are very easy to obtain, try to get it on all your squad members.

Don’t worry your skill level will apply to all operator skills. Even the new ones you receive after elite promotions. This is the case up to Lv. 7 Skills.

8. Aim For Elite 1

Yup this means avoiding those super costly E2 promotions. Instead aim to E1 your entire squad before even thinking about who to E2.

You’ll be surprised how far E1 operators can take you.

9. Add Friends

The more friends the more FP (Friendship Points) you will get. This is like an extra currency you can earn and spend on goodies. Head over to the Credit Store daily to see what’s up for grabs.

10. Selectively Recruit

You can use the recruit feature in Arknights to roll for operators, one at a time. Unlike with “Headhunt” the “Recruit” option has Job Tag Filters.

You can use these filters to selectively target operators you want. You should be doing this as those Recruitment Passes won’t keep flowing in.

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