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Unlock Adventurer Class D and unlock 3 awesome new Adventure Skills. Accomplished Worker that gives +1 extra slot to Pet Labor. Combat Skill II which adds another auto-fight skill slot. Unlock Cat Ear Beret, arguably the best non-magic F2P headwear. Bonus: Unlock Sit Down Elegantly. Now you can elegantly sit on stuff! (like selfies? you’ll want this one ~haha)

Unlocking Quest

ragnarok mobile adventure rank d kakaro

You know the drill, head to the north part of Prontera and speak Kakaro. You’ll need to be adventurer level 20 for this one.

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ragnarok mobile adventure rank d morgan harrison morroc

Kakaro will ask you to go find Class D Adventurer Morgan Harrison in Morroc. He’s wearing a Cat Ear Beret, standing on a bridge tucked away on the east side of Morroc. He will ask for the following in order:

  • Kill 50x Desert Wolf
  • 1x Emperium
  • 3x Fabric
  • 3x Four Leaf Clover

As you hand over your hard earned boss materials he asks you whether you have taken a photo of and killed a Mini-MVP. You slap him in the face and proceed to the next task. Morgan will now ask for 1x Eva and 20x Dead Branch.

Unlocking Eva Toy

ragnarok mobile unlock eva toy

Once unlocked, the Eva Toy can be purchased from an Amazing Toys NPC (There’s one in Morroc conveniently next to the Eva unlock quest NPC see above). Go find Minstrel Justin Michael in Morroc and complete his Los Rabil Quest (40x Hard Skin, Kill 300x Desert Wolf, 2x STR Dish B).

Ok got the Eva and the 20x Dead Branch? Head back to Morgan (the guy on the bridge in Morroc) and hand over the goodies.

Slaying Osiris

One last task. Kill Osiris in Pyramid 2F. Don’t worry you won’t have to land the last hit. Just land a hit (maybe a few more for good measure), then sit back and let someone else finish the job.

Note: MVP spawn time is 2 hours after kill. If you change channel you will need to wait 2 hours before being able to land hits on MVPs. To help you locate the MVP ensure you have the adventure skill Wolf King Perception from Adventurer Rank F.

Tip: Waited 2 hours for spawn only to find Osiris fading away into nothing upon arrival? Kill Osiris in Endless Tower, it counts!

Go get that promotion

Speak to Morgan one last time and he will tell you to go find Kakaro in Prontera. Speak to Kakaro and that’s it, congrats and enjoy all the perks of Adventurer Rank D.

What you Get

ragnarok mobile unlock cat ear beret

Adventure Skills

  • Group Hunting – +10%/15%/20% Loot when in party with 3/4/5 professions
  • Stay Calm – Remove equipment destruction, unloaded or removable
  • Accomplished Worker – +1 Pet Labor Slot
  • Storage Expansion I – +20 Slots Personal Storage
  • Combat Skill II – +1 Auto Skill Slot
  • Sit Down Elegantly – Speaks for itself
  • Chon Chon Skill – Can use Giant Fly Wing

Cat Ear Beret

  • Atk +5%
  • Deposit Reward: Atk +6
  • Unlock Reward: Max HP +64

Cat Ear Beret Blueprint can now be purchased for 400 Eden Coins from Smile Assistance NPC in Prontera (She’s next to the Lucky Shop). Crafting costs 1x Cat Ear Beret Blueprint, 10x Candy, 2x Soft Feather and 133x Hard Skin.

Adven. Class D – MaxHP +4

Pet Material Shop
Unlock Shining Stone (150 Colorful Shell) – Green Petite Pet Capture Item

500 Eden Coins

Pet Labor
Unlock Arena (Also requires Pet Lv 70)

Extra Pet Labor Slot! See our Pet Labor Guide on what pet to use and what loot you can get.

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