ragnarok mobile scenery photo album

Need that extra Adventurer EXP for that next Adventurer Rank? Unlock Scenery Photos for a quick boost to help you rank up fast.

Unlock Scenery Photos

Unlocking Scenery Photos rewards a lot of Adventurer Exp. It is one of the fastest ways to boost your Adventurer Level. You will receive around 200 Adventurer Exp every time you unlock a Scenery Photo in your Adventurer Handbook. To do so you will need to head to specific locations around the world of Ragnarok Mobile.

So whats the best way to find these locations? Look for “Photo NPCs”. They will appear as yellow camera icons on your mini map (If you haven’t taken their quest yet). They are scattered around the world of Ragnarok Mobile and will appear as you progress through quests. Speaking to them will reveal new scenery locations on your mini map (They appear as a blue camera icon with a red exclamation mark).

Once you’re at the scenery location, whip out your camera. Then make sure there is a green camera icon in view, this indicates the scenery is in frame. Once you have unlocked that scenery location the red exclamation mark will be removed from the camera icon in your mini-map, that way you can keep track of the scenery locations you have already taken photos of.

Obsidian Obelisk – False (Underwater Temple)

So you’ve been running around taking every Scenery Photo you can find. You end up in the Under Water Temple for yet another photo. You whip out your camera, aim at the giant pillar … but the shot seems just out of reach. What you want to do is stand in the top left corner (there’s a big blue sea shell), zoom all the way out and pivot the camera until that green camera lights up. You may need to adjust your position to get the right angle.

Hidden Scenery Locations

Need an extra boost of Adventurer Exp without having to progress through the story quest? Check your Adventurer Handbook, you will notice these “Ruins” locations that require unlocking. These are the “Hidden Scenery” locations, in other words there’s no NPC to point out these locations for you. To help you complete your collection and nab a bunch more Adventurer EXP were going to show you where to find these locations.

Ruins – Fisherman’s Wharf

Ruins – Sorceress’s Stone

Ruins – Last Supper

Ruins – Tree of the Sea

Ruins – Sunken Enterprise

Ruins – Deep Sea Temple

Ruins – Underwater Temple Ruins

Ruins – Abandoned Mine

Ruins – Observer’s Lighthouse

Ruins – Tomb of the Insect King

Ruins – Hidden Underground Ruins

Ruins – Mountain Ancient Battlefield

Ruins – Ancient Ancestral Hall Ruins

Ruins – Colosseum

Ruins – Main Palace

Ruins – Ant Hell!

Ruins – Apollo’s Throne

Ruins – Guardian

Ruins – Mire of Illusion

Ruins – Tree of Past Lives

Ruins – Greenscale Gate

Ruins – Calamity

Ruins – Sin

Ruins – Ferocity

Ruins – Deviruchis

Ruins – Mintrach’s Crystal Tower

Ruins – Hereditary Duke’s Mountain Village

Ruins – Lies Here

Ruins – Defiled Temple

Ruins – Ketada Waterfall

Ruins – Voodoo Ghost

Ruins – Camp of the Strong Enough

Ruins – Mountain – Red Claw

Ruins – Glast Heim Hall

Ruins – Barum the Divine Sword

Ruins – Women’s Seal

Ruins – Glast Heim Chivalry

Ruins – Monastery

Ruins – Cliffs of Despair

Ruins – Black Blood Instrument

Ruins – When the Stars Align

Ruins – Seige Tower

Ruins – Glorious Avenue of Merit

Ruins – White Knight’s Old Quarters

Ruins – Khalitzburg Knights’ Old Quarters

Ruins – Rusty Armory

Ruins – War Room

Ruins – Mourning of the Eucharist

Ruins – Soul Suppressing Song – Secret Prison

Ruins – Border Gate

Ruins – Vadon Swamp

Ruins – Bridge of National Friendship

Ruins – Bearlus’ Den

Ruins – Abandoned Area

Ruins – Sigh of the Undefiled

Ruins – Gold Axe and Silver Axe

Ruins – Altar of Sulimeir

Ruins – Path at Zero Hour