These 2 mods add Backpack Attachments and working Sleeping Bags to Project Zomboid. Attach flashlights, plush toys, gas masks, umbrellas and more.

Mod Features

Get Noir’s Attachments mod here.
Add PaperWyvern Sleeping Bags mod here.

Whilst we really liked the aesthetic look of the bed rolls in our previous look at a backpack attachments mod, Noir’s mod features additional slots including one for a torch you can toggle.

Unlike with other backpack mods we’ve seen this mod allows players to add individual slots one at a time. You’ll need Lv. 2 Tailoring, Needle, Leather Strips, Thread and Scissors.

Additional slots include:

  • Bedroll (sleep anywhere with PaperWyvern’s Sleeping Bags mod)
  • Weapon (large weapons and large guns), smaller bags have a small weapon slot instead
  • Flashlight (can be turned on/off whilst worn)
  • Left/Right Side (water)
  • Utility Left/Right (small tools/weapons, plush toys, gas mask, umbrella)
  • Container (small or large containers like tote bag, toolbox, cooler, plastic bag and garbage bag)
  • Small Left/Right (small container’s like sacks, first aid kits, handbag and lunchbox)