Project Zomboid Featured Mods

A list of our favorite mods for Project Zomboid. We’ll keep this list updated with new additions and remove outdated mods as we go.

Quality of Life

Auto Mechanics– Automatically train Mechanics
Auto Sewing– Automatically train Tailoring
Better Batteries– Batteries that last longer
– Maintain equipped item when replacing battery
Better Sorting– Adds additional categories to items
Boredom Tweaks– Small tweaks to make managing boredom easier
– Lose boredom when performing timed actions such as transferring/sorting items
Combat Text– Show damage dealt numbers and zombie HP Bar
Containers Show Duplicates– Lightweight mod to help you compare duplicate items
Craft Helper– Check what recipes item can be used for
Fuel Side Indicator– Simple indicator showing which side to refuel vehicles
Has Been Read– Indicator for books that have been not been read, partially read and completely read
I Don’t Need A Lighter– Light cigarette with car lighter, stove or even another smoking player
Just Throw Them Out The Window– Throw corpses out the window
Manage Containers– Makes sorting loot quicker and easier
– Adds configurable filters to containers (just transfer all and let the filters do the work)
Mini Health Panel– Shows wound and when bandages need to be changed
Proximity Inventory– View containers around your character
PZ Clothing UI– Clothing inventory interface
Reorder The Hotbar– Change order of hotbar
– Especially useful with backpack attachment mods
Simple Status– Lightweight percentage indicator for player status including health, endurance, hunger, thirst and body temp
Swap It– Swap equipped weapon with back weapon
Vehicle Recycling– Dismantle any vehicle for parts and Metalworking XP
Weapon Condition Indicator– Hotbar weapon condition, ammo count, battery charge and water indicator
XP Drops– UI showing XP gains and progress
ZuperCart– Carts and trolleys to help ferry loot to and from your vehicle

Equipment and Items

Authentic Z*– Extensive outfit additions
Boots and Clothes Expanded– Boots and Clothes expansion
Brita’s Armor Pack– Extensive military armor expansion
Brita’s Weapon Pack– Extensive firearms expansion
Military Ponchos– Craftable ponchos, can be worn over body/off shoulder with hood on or off
Noir’s Attachments– Upgrade backpack with attachment slots
Sleeping Bags!**– Usable sleeping bags
– Can be attached to backpacks
Undead Survivor– Outfits that only spawn on zombies
**Activate Authentic Z Lite for compatibility with Noir’s Attachments mod
**Sleeping bags are compatible with Noir’s Attachments mod


Aquastar Yacht Club*– Boats
Autostar Trailers*– Trailers including mobile generator and caravan
Autostar Tuning Atelier – Bus*– Bus with upgrades including armored doors and storage roof racks
Filibuster Rhymes’ Used Cars*– Lore friendly cars
HMMWV– Military Humvee with upgrades including additional storage
KI5’s Bike Collection– Large motorbike and scooter expansion (plus jetski)
RV Interior– Vehicle Interiors
*Interior added by RV Interior mod


Raven Creek– Dense metro cityscape with multi story apartment blocks


Common Sense– Open locked doors with crowbars, canned food with screwdrivers, craft spears with brooms and more
Fluffy Hair– Keep hair style when equipping headwear
More Builds– Build windows and nice looking walls
Playable Arcade Machines– Play arcade machines to reduce boredom, unhappiness and stress
Simple Playable Pianos– Playable pianos with new piano skill
Skill Recovery Journal– Craftable journals to recover character skill progress after death
Spongie’s Hair– More hair styles
True Actions– Allows player to sit and lie down
Yaki’s Hair Salon– More hair styles
10 Years Later– Overgrown vegetation visuals