Get instant cast Meteor Storm and make the most of this powerful AoE High Wizard Spell in Ragnarok Mobile.

Achieving No Cast Meteor Storm is a 2-Step Process. Here’s what we’re going do:

  1. Equip Cast Time Reduction Equipment
  2. Allocate Dex until Meteor Storm has no cast time

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1. Equipment

EquipmentSlotCast Time Reduction
Lich Staff
Sunday HatHeadwear5%**
Angry SnarlMouth10%
Robe of CastArmor10%
Orleans's Server
Orleans's Gloves
Staunch Cape
Staunch Shoes
** +10 Sunday Hat gives 15% CT Reduction

The above is a recommended equipment set for a no cast meteor storm build. You can fill the other slots with gear that increases magic damage or fire damage.

A few things to note about this set:

  • Magic Eyes (Headwear) can reduce CT by 10% however it increases SP Cost of spells by 20%. Avoid it if you can and instead use the Sunday Hat and make up the difference with more Dex.
  • Angry Snarl is quite expensive however the added CT reduction will greatly reduce the amount of Dex needed. With it, you can instead wear a slotted headwear of your choice (Incubus card – important for helping you achieve better SP Regen).

2. Allocating Dex

Alright now that you have your gear equipped its time to allocate Dex. Open up your Adventure Skills to view your Meteor Storm stats.

You will notice Meteor Storm has a Cast Time of 15 seconds. Next to it will be a green number showing how much of it your setup has reduced (See Above). Your aim is to reach (-15 seconds).

You can use Ymir’s Notebook to reset your stats and slowly increase your Dex stat until you reach your goal. Your remaining stat points can be put into Int.

The amount of Dex that you will need to allocate will depend on your character (I’ve allocated 70 Dex).

If you have Angry Snarl in your set reaching no cast should be quite comfortable. If not you may need the help of Magic Eyes.

Bonus: Reduce Cast Delay

Want to spam Meteor Storm even faster? Eat food that reduces Cast Delay (this is separate from Cast Time). We have a list of all food recipes. What’s the best one? Original Will-Salad!

Spam more of that Meteor Storm with Unli SP!