auto chess warrior build

The pure 9 Warrior strategy is a durable build made up of mostly melee pieces. It is simple to grasp. One that is often recommended for those starting out in Auto Chess. A truly staple beginner strategy.

Welcome to an introduction to Warriors – Auto Chess Mobile Drodo Edition. There are many ways Warriors can fit into a composition. However in this guide we’re going to look at one of the most basic of these. The 9 Warrior Build. The synergy itself adds a heap of armor to all your Warriors, making them extra durable.

(3) All friendly warriors have +6 armor
(6) All friendly warriors have an additional +7 armor
(9) All friendly warriors have an additional +8 armor

A total of 21 armor for all your Warrior pieces. That’s a bit over 2x Steel Platemail (item) for all your pieces. For comparison, most pieces have a base of 5 armor.

Although Warriors don’t have the highest damage, your high armor will help your pieces outlive your opponents when against physical damage.

Note: Whilst the high armor makes warriors very durable against physical damage, it is of no advantage against magic damage. Therefore the 9 Warrior build is not a very optimal choice against mages and other magic damage focused compositions.

The Lineup

Let’s take a quick look at the Warrior pieces.

auto chess redaxe chief
Redaxe Chief
Cave Clan/Warrior
(1 Gold) Durable, Disabler
The most durable out of your 1 cost pieces. Place him in your front line in the middle to make the most out of its taunt.
auto chess tusk champion
Tusk Champion
(1 Gold) Durable, Disabler, Nuker
Less durable than Redaxe but with more damage. Its skill provides good burst damage early on but later falls off.
auto chess stone spirit
Stone Spirit
(1 Gold) Durable, Disabler
Great early on if paired with another Spirits piece (Eg Water Spirit, Thunder Spirit).

The "(2) Spirits - All friendly Spirits have 30% chance to turn the attacker to stone for 4 seconds" synergy bonus is especially effective early game where opponents have limited pieces on their board. This effect is also especially useful on neutral rounds for this exact same reason. You will however need to drop the additional Spirit piece later on to make space for your Warriors.
auto chess mars
God of War
(1 Gold) Escape, Durable, Nuker
Very durable piece due to its Shield Crash skill that reduces physical damage by 30%. Grab this piece early on and take advantage of its (1) Divinity synergy.
auto chess swordman
Cave Clan/Warrior
(2 Gold) Carry
His Blade Fury skill provides nice AoE damage. Place this piece in your front line towards the middle to make the most out of it.

Pair him with Redaxe Chief to receive the (2) Cave Clan - All friendly Cave Clans have +250 Max HP" synergy bonus.
auto chess abyssal guard
Abyssal Guard
(2 Gold) Durable, Debuff, Carry
Its Corrosion skill (-15 to enemy armor for 20 secs) is a welcome addition to your lineup that is comprised of mainly physical damage. Additionally you may take up another Marine piece (Eg. Tsunami Stalker) in the late game (for your final 10th piece) should you come face to face with a mage lineup.

Although Warriors tend to be weak against magic damage, the addition of the "(2) Marine - All allies have +30% magic resistance" will certainly help your Warriors hang in there.

(3 Gold) Summoner, Carry
Paired with Tusk Champion this piece and its summons will all benefit from the (2) Beast - All allies have +10% attack damage, including summoned units" synergy bonus. The extra summoned units are also great for punishing any of your opponents that are falling behind (opponents will take extra damage from surviving summoned units).

Place this unit on the front line but to the side, you will want it to take a bit of damage so that it can summon its wolves.
auto chess berserker
(4 Gold) Carry
A core component of the warrior lineup. This is your DPS piece. As the only ranged piece in your lineup, you will want to have him protected in your back line. This piece is your main damage dealer, you will want to place your damage increasing items on him.

Berserker's passive skill increases its attack as it hits its target. This makes it the perfect for the Frantic Mask item.
auto chess pirate captain
Pirate Captain
(4 Gold) Disabler
Often added to other builds just for its amazing AoE crowd control skill.

Paired with the Werewolf you will receive "(2) Human - All friendly humans have 20% chance to silence target for 4 seconds when attacking".
auto chess doom arbiter
Doom Arbiter
(4 Gold) Disabler, Carry
A high value single piece. Doom is durable and has high damage. Its doom curse skill applies a lengthy silence to your opponents piece.

As the only Demon in your lineup you will also benefit from "(1) Demon - Attack deals 50% extra pure damage to target."

Early Game

auto chess warrior build early

Your early game will be comprised of making two star pieces and picking up synergies where possible. The Redaxe and Swordman combo provides a good starting point with the (2) Cave Clan – All friendly Cave Clans have +250 Max HP” synergy bonus.

Stone Spirit plus another spirit piece (Water Spirit/Thunder Spirit) is also a solid choice as the “(2) Spirits – All friendly Spirits have 30% chance to turn the attacker to stone for 4 seconds” synergy bonus is especially effective early on.

The Divinity Race adds God of War (Mars) to your Warrior pool. This makes it even easier to move up in your Warrior synergy tiers. Add Mars to your lineup early on and take advantage of the (1) Divinity Synergy. This is especially good with low cool down skills like Tusk Champion. However note that you will lose this benefit if you additional active race synergies.

Note: With Mars there are a total of 10 available warrior pieces. In the late game you will only need 9 of these to complete your (2) Warrior synergy. Both Mars and Stone Spirit will not provide a race synergy benefit in this build. Feel free to make your choice based on which pieces you get throughout the game.

(1) Divinity – Reduces all ally pieces’ Skill CD by half if no any other Race Synergies except the Divinity Synergy has been activated”

Divinity Synergy

Basic Positioning
Now for a bit of positioning. A simple line formation will do for this durable melee lineup. You will want pieces like Redaxe, Swordman and Mars in the center of your front line to make use of their AoE skills. When you add Werewolf to your board, place him to the side. This will ensure he takes only a bit of damage so that he can summon his wolves. The same goes for Pirate Captain (although later on you may want to reposition him to get off his ultimate as fast as possible)

Mid Game

auto chess warrior build mid

Continue to build two star pieces whilst taking on additional Warriors where possible. You will want to have Berserker on your board as soon as possible. The earlier you can get him the better as he is your primary damage dealer (Place him in the back line). Without the Berserker piece you will struggle to break through your opponents front line. As durable as your Warriors may be, we can’t have the enemy’s back line freely whaling away at your pieces.

Late Game

auto chess warrior build late

Your late game level 9 build consists of the following synergies (9) Warrior, (2) Beast, (2) Human, (2) Cave Clan synergies. If you end up facing a mage line up you may want to pick up a Marine as your final 10th piece (Eg. Tsunami Stalker/Siren) for the (2) Marine synergy.

Should you still be on level 9 and are faced with dueling a high magic damage composition you may want to consider subbing out a warrior piece. Yes you will lose the 9 Warrior synergy, but in this scenario you will much prefer the 30% magic resistance.

Build Summary

Abyssal Guard
Doom Arbiter
God of War
Pirate Captain
Redaxe Chief
Tusk Champion
9( 9 / 9 )
0( 1 / 4 )
0( 1 / 6 )
1( 1 / 1 )
1( 1 / 2 )
2( 2 / 6 )
2( 2 / 4 )
2( 2 / 6 )

10th Piece Options:
Storm Shaman – AoE Damage & Crowd Control
Tsunami Stalker – AoE Crowd Control & Magic Resit from (2) Marine synergy

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