The below Genshin Impact Character Exp Chart shows a table of how much EXP and Mora you need to level your character, use it to help you decide how much to level your support.

EXP and Mora Cost

LevelEXPEXP % of TotalMoraHero's Wit Used

The above table shows how much EXP and Mora is required to level up your character.

Actual cost will be a bit less than the above amounts as you can use Adventurer’s Experience and Wanderer’s Advice to lessen the wastage from level caps.

Nevertheless 1.68 Million Mora and 421 Hero’s Wit is quite a lot to save up for.

Should You Level Your Support

A big part of Genshin Impact is resource management. It costs significant resources to max your character.

Therefore you’ll likely be focusing resources on your primary DPS characters and leveling your supports with leftovers.

But how much should you level your supports? Looking closer at the chart going from 80-90 accounts for 41% of the resources spent.

As we can see higher levels are significantly more costly to reach and therefore should be reserved for your primary characters.

Upgrading your character to 60 however only costs 26% of the resources. That’s a quarter of the cost!

Character Passives

Talent upgrades are available from Ascension 2 (Req Lv.40). This is the bare minimum starting point for your supports. It’s quite affordable (9% of resources) so even if you change your mind it’s not a big deal.

Ascension 4 (Req Lv. 60) is when the 3rd Passive becomes available. Depending on the character this could make a very big difference to your overall team strength.

So how much should you level your supports? It’s up to personal preference but here’s what I think:

  1. Feel free to try out your supports up to Lv. 40.
  2. Once you have an idea of who you want to include in your team you can further level them to 50 or 60.
  3. If the 3rd Passive gives a worthwhile benefit go for 60.
  4. Otherwise 50 is typically enough to help them survive in the Spiral Abyss.