Want to use guns? Try this Veteran build in Project Zomboid. Start with +2 Aiming and Desensitized trait, no need to worry about panic. Great for beginners that want to shoot zombies right away.

Negative Traits to Pick

  • Very Underweight (+10)
    -2 Fitness, but this will get balanced out by the Fit trait. Very Underweight is easy to fix, plenty of high calorie food available.
  • High Thirst (+6)
    A bottle will make this a non issue.
  • Conspicuous (+4)
    You’ll be gunning down zombies so no point trying to be stealthy.
  • Pacifist (+4)
    75% XP of Melee and Aiming skill. This will be offset with the Fast Learner trait.
  • Prone to Illness (+4)
    Just stay dry and warm.
  • Unlucky (+4)
    Plenty of loot to go around in single player.
  • Weak Stomach (+3)
    Just don’t eat rotten food.
  • Short Sighted (+2)
    Affects foraging radius in search mode. This is basically free.
  • Slow Reader (+2)
    You may want to switch out Slow Reader if you are on multiplayer.

If you need more points or want to switch a trait out Smoker (+4) is a great alternative.

Positive Traits to Pick

  • Strong (-10)
    With this build you will start with 9 Strength! Giving you a base carry weight of 18.
  • Keen Hearing (-6)
    See better behind you.
  • Fit (-6)
    +2 Fitness. This offsets your Very Underweight trait giving you the default starting Fitness of 5.
  • Fast Learner (-6)
    130% XP for all skills except Strength and Fitness. This will offset your Pacifist trait.
  • Dextrous (-2)
    Transfer items faster.
  • Speed Demon (-1)
    Drive faster. This is the only positive trait for 1 point and its actually quite good.

Customising your character? Check out the best traits to pick.

+2 Aiming, Not Ideal But Good Enough

Along with the exclusive Desensitized trait, the veteran occupation also starts with +2 Aiming and +2 Reloading.

This makes leveling Aiming much easier. Generally it is recommended that you use shotguns until you have +3 Aiming.

However you can get away with leveling with pistols and automatic rifles with just +2 Aiming. It’s not ideal, but it’s good enough.

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