Here’s how to farm Time Quicksand (Hourglass) in Ragnarok Mobile Episode 7 for leveling your 4th Job Origin Skills.

Wasteland Daily Quests

Complete 4 Wasteland quests every day to earn 500x Time Quicksand.

Wasteland daily quests will appear in your quest list once you are on the map. They will also be marked on your mini map as blue icons.

Increase your daily wasteland quest reward by unlocking spirit tree bonuses.

Episode 7 Part 3 adds new wasteland maps with their own daily quests which can be completed for even more Time Quicksand!

Defeat Wasteland Elite Monsters

There 20 unique Elite Monsters scattered across the Wasteland Map. Defeating them for the first time will reward 500x Time Quicksand.

You will only receive the reward for the very first time you defeat each unique monster. Since there are 20 types that’s a total of 10,000 Time Quicksand up for grabs. This is a great one time boost.

These Elite Monsters will appear as blue stars on your mini map (See Above).

Where are they? How to summon? Check out the Wasteland Elite Mobs Map

Exchange Wasteland Materials

You can exchange your extra Maple Agate, Wilderness Dust and Ancient Remains for Time Quicksand. You will receive these materials from monsters you kill in the wasteland.

To make the exchange unlock the Divine Spirit Tree and the Ancient Furnace tree node.

Wasteland Treasure Chests

There are treasure chests scattered across the wasteland that you can open for Wasteland Materials which can then be exchanged for more Time Quicksand.

Keep an eye out for that open treasure chest button. It’ll appear when you are close to a chest.

One Time Rewards

Tristan the Wasteland Mini Game NPC
  1. Complete Spirit Tree Revival Quest – 2,000 Time Quicksand
  2. Wasteland Green Quests – 300 Time Quicksand
  3. Reach Level 7 of Mini Games – 1,500 Time Quicksand per game
  4. EP7.0 Kafra Adventure Log Energy Ring (Advanced Reward) – 2,000 Time Quicksand