Alright so you’ve decided to play Last Day on Earth. You load up the game and play through the introduction. What now?

Here’s a list of what you should craft first and how to get the materials needed to do so.

The main goal from crafting these workstations is to give your character a steady supply of food, water, basic armor and weapons.

The armor you will be able to craft is the “Dad’s Set” (Dad Hat, Shirt, Cargo Pants and Sneakers).

The weapon of choice will be Crowbars. Having these will set you up nicely for the next stage. Bunker Alpha.

1. Basic Backpack

  • 2 Rope (Kill Zombies)
  • 3 Plant Fiber

Craft this ASAP. You need the extra inventory space to carry all the items you’ll be looting.

2. Small Box

  • 3 Pine Log
  • 5 Plant Fiber

Make a few of these so you have space to store your loot.

3. Garden Bed

  • 5 Pine Log
  • 1 Plant Fiber

Collecting Plant Fibers have a chance at rewarding Seeds. Plant these seeds in your Garden Bed to grow Carrots.

4. Woodworking Bench

  • 10 Pine Log
  • 5 Iron Ore (Mine at Limestone Cliffs)

Place your Pine Logs here to make Pine Planks. Use your planks at the campfire to make coal.

4. Campfire

  • 5 Pine Log
  • 5 Limestone
  • 1 Plant Fiber

Take those carrots and place them in the Campfire to make Carrot Stew. This will be your primary healing item (Fuel the campfire with your Pine Planks).

Tip: Craft 2 Campfires. Use one to make Carrot Stew and the other to make Coal.

5. Rain Catcher

  • 10x Pine Log
  • 3x Piece of Cloth (Kill Zombies)
  • 2x Scrap Metal (Loot crates)

You’ll need this to replenish your water bottles. Build it and never have to worry about hydration and hygiene again.

6. Meat Dryer

  • 5 Pine Plank (Pine Log + Woodworking Bench)
  • 12 Rope (Kill Zombies)
  • 10 Limestone

Place your raw meat here to make Jerky and never have to worry about hunger again.

7. Shower

  • 10 Pine Log
  • 1 Piece of Cloth (Kill Zombies)
  • 3 Iron Ore (Mine at Limestone Cliffs)

At some point you will get smelly. Clean yourself so that enemies don’t smell you coming (affects ability to sneak).

8. Melting Furnace

  • 10 Limestone
  • 5 Iron Ore (Mine at Limestone Cliffs)

Turn your Iron Ore into Iron Bars. You will need the bars to craft Crowbars.

The Crowbar is one of the best beginner weapons. In the early stages of the game it is the only weapon worth crafting.

Tanning Rack

  • 15 Pine Plank (Pine Log + Woodworking Bench)
  • 5 Iron Bar (Iron Ore + Melting Furnace)
  • 15 Rope (Kill Zombies)
  • 5 Scrap Metal (Loot Crates)

Place your Rawhide here to make Leather (and rope). You will need the leather to make Crowbars.

Tip: Try to always clear the maps of Wolfs and Deer. You will need a fair amount of Rawhide for a continuous supply of Crowbars.

Sewing Table

  • 20 Pine Plank (Pine Wood + Woodworking Bench)
  • 15 Iron Bar (Iron Ore + Melting Furnace)
  • 5 Rubber Parts (Loot Crates)
  • 5 Adhesive (Loot Crates)

Place your Plant Fiber here to make Piece of Cloth (No more needing to loot it from Zombies). You can now craft a continuous supply of the basic armor (Dad’s Set).

Alright, once you have these workstations you should be set to progress to the next stage. Bunker Alpha.