The Cursing Brothers Brad and Bracci have a box for you to unlock. It needs a 4-digit code and forms part of the Version Challenge EP1.0 – Cursing Brothers quest.

Brother Bracci

If you select the “Let’s Go!” button in the Version Challenge EP1.0 tab of the new Episode 5 Assistant, it will path you to Brother Bracci in Glast Heim Culvert.

Answers to his questions:

  • An Arrow
  • Glast Heim Churchyard
  • Wearing a Romantic Gent

Unlocking The Box

The secret code is 3-2-1-4. After receiving the Refining Material Chest II, you may notice that the Version Challenge task is not complete. This is because there’s another brother…

Unfortunately the Assistant’s “Let’s Go!” button doesn’t path you to the next quest location (maybe they will fix this) – it will instead keep take you back to Bracci…

The Other Brother

Head to the Glast Heim Church Yard. There you will find another shiny object (Rusty Bow) on the ground (See Above). Picking it up will reveal Brad, the other brother. The rest is quite straight forward.

Answers to his questions:

  • A sword
  • Glast Heim Culvert
  • Wearing a Metal Helmet

That’s It

You’ll receive another Refining Material Chest II for your efforts. But more importantly after completing both of the brother’s tasks you will satisfy the requirements for finishing the Version Challenge – Cursing Brothers Quest.

As a reward you’ll also receive 25x Black Wings.