This Arknights recruitment guide shows you how to use tag filters to get guaranteed 6-Star operators. Here’s how to make the most of your recruitment passes.

How Best to Recruit

When recruiting in Arknights you can use the Job Tags to target operators you want.

The Steps:

  1. Set your Duration in the Arknights Recruitment window (See Below)
  2. Open the Arknights Recruitment Calculator (Set your server – Top Right)
  3. See those Job Tags in your game window? Select all of them in the Recruitment Calculator. Also see that Possible Rarity, set that too.
  4. You will now see a list of character possibilities for each Tag combination
  5. Pick the set you want and make sure you select the corresponding Tags combination in your Arknights game
  6. Recruit!

Which operator to pick? Check our Tier List.

The Duration

The longer the duration the less chance that Tags will be dropped. You don’t want this to happen as it would mean you won’t get what you picked.

Therefore in most circumstances it is beneficial to go with the maximum duration 9:00:00 setting. However do note that the higher the time the more LMD it will cost … but its worth it.


There are times where you want to set a lower duration. The higher the duration the better the possible Rarity. But sometimes you want those 1 Star and 2 Star operators.

One example of this is the Lancet-2 (1 Star) and Castle-3 (1 Star) available with the Robot Tag.

Should you wish to target these you can set the time to 3:50:00 which is the highest duration you can have before 1 Star disappears from the Possible Rarity list.

Tags to Look out For

Single Tags
Top Operator6★
Senior Operator5★
Crowd Control5★
Nuker5★ Firewatch
Summon5★ Mayer
Specialist4★ - 5★
Support4★ - 5★
Debuff4★ - 5★
Shift4★ - 5★
Fast Redeploy4★ - 5★
RobotLancet-2, Castle-3
Combo Tags (Excluding Single Tags)
AoE, Melee4★ - 5★
AoE, Guard4★ - 5★
AoE, Sniper4★ - 5★
AoE, Slow4★ ShiraYuki
AoE, Survival4★ - 5★
DPS, Supporter5★ Istina
DPS, Defender/Defense5★
Healing, Melee4★ - 5★
Healing, Defender/Defense4★ - 5★
Slow, Melee4★ - 5★
Slow, Guard4★ Frostleaf
Slow, Sniper4★ ShiraYuki
Slow, DPS4★ - 5★
Survival, Defender/Defense5★ Vulcan
Survival, Sniper/Ranged4★ Jessica

An Example

Here’s an example just to make things clear.

  • The Job Tags Guard, Sniper, AoE, Slow and Fast-Redeploy appear in our Arknights recruitment window.
  • We set all these Tags in the Recruitment Calculator.
  • The Calculator now displays a list of Character Possibilities.
  • Hmm… Meteorite (5 Star) and ShiraYuki (4 Star). Solid choice there.
  • Now we just set the corresponding Tags Sniper and AoE and … that’s it.
  • That bag will now spit out either Meteorite or ShiraYuki

Refresh for 6 Star

Ok you may have noticed that refresh button. If you don’t have any desirable Tags ie no good Character Possibilities. You can hit that button to refresh your Tags.

You will need to build the Office in your base to use Refresh.

How to get that 6 Star!
In addition to regular Tags there are some special Tags. Most notably:

  • Top Operator – Guarantees 6 Star
  • Senior Operator – Guarantees 5 Star

You can use these tags together with your regular Job Tags to target 6 Star and 5 Star operators.

As usual just put all the Tags into that Recruitment Calculator to view all your options.