Drodo’s Auto Chess Season 2 will start from 22 July 19 and end on 15 Sept 19 21 Oct 19 (Approx 3 months).

You’ll notice that your rank has been “reset”. All players start the new season with their “primitive rank”. Essentially this is a new rank based on their Season 1 performance.

26/8/19 Update: Season 2 has been extended until 21 Oct 19.

How Your New Rank Was Determined

Auto Chess (Drodo) Season 1 Rank Reset

Source: Auto Chess Facebook

Genius Assassin (Season 2 Reward)

Last season, players who reached Bishop received the Core Hound player skin. This season the Genius Assassin is up for grabs. The requirements have stayed the same. Reach Bishop and place Top 3 at least 15 times.