Ragnarok Mobile Episode 6 adds Thanatos Tower a 12 player instance to the game. Here’s what to do to clear Floors 1F and 2F.

The Rewards

Complete the instance to receive Sealed Rune Packs, Louen Coins (used to purchase Thanatos Tower equipment), Faint Rune Stones and a chance for the Mini Gryphon Pet and exclusive Thanatos Tower equipment.

Floor 01 (Guardian’s Hall)

  1. Agro the Rathgricy (Boss) the Valkyrie to start the instance (crystals are invulnerable until then).
  2. Have a tank distract Rathgricy, ideally away from the main party.
  3. Lure and kill the Blade of Order (Blue Temple Guard) on the Red Crystals and Zealot’s Blade (Red Temple Guard) on the Blue Crystals (Note: Temple Guards explode upon death, try to keep your distance).
  4. Kill Temple Overlords as they can repair Crystals.
  5. Once all 4 Crystals (See Above) are destroyed you can damage and defeat Rathgricy.
  6. Defeat Rathgricy before its energy reaches 100%. If it does your team will fail.
  7. Avoid the Holy Fire on the ground. It deals damage to you and also increases the Rathgricy’s energy.
Left: Novice, Right: Brave

Novice vs Brave Difficulty
In Brave Difficulty (Right Img) Crystals will have Shields. Make sure to attack and deplete it before killing and exploding the Temple Guard.

Floor 02 (The Hall of Chains)

  1. Defeat Ancient Puppets to summon the Tesseract (Boss).
  2. Avoid the circular patterns on the ground, they explode!
  3. Once Tesseract’s HP is below 20% it will become invulnerable.
  4. Now just run around and collect 5 Key Shards (within 120 secs) to complete the floor.