The easiest way to break into the gun store in Project Zomboid is by finding a sledgehammer to destroy the wall. You can also build up to the roof and sheet rope into the shop.

Where to Find the Gun Store

Gun stores can be found all around the Zomboid map. However possibly the first one many will come across is found towards the end of West Point before the rail tracks (See Above Red Circle).

How to Find the Sledgehammer

Sledgehammers are one of the more rare items in Zomboid. They can be found in the following locations:

  • Warehouse shelves and crates.
  • Construction sites and on the ground near roadwork vehicles.
  • Survivor homes (barricaded houses)
  • Hardware stores.

Breaking In

If you have a sledgehammer. Simply walk up to those metal walls, right click and select destroy. You can now free enter and loot away.

Burn down the Walls

Sledgehammers are quite hard to find so players have come up with creative ways to enter the gun store. One way is to use a Molotov Cocktail (crafted with bourbon + ripped sheets) to burn down a wall.

Next put out the flames blocking the burned down wall with an extinguisher/large container of water and hop in to quickly loot before the rest of the fire spreads.

Build Your Way onto the Roof

A much safer way is to use carpentry to access the roof and sheet rope your way into the building (just try not to fall off too many times).

You can do this by crafting stairs (Req. Carpentry Lv. 6) or if there’s a 2 story house nearby like Twiggys at West Point you can remove a wall from the second floor facing the gun shop and bridge across by building wooden floors.

Once on the gun store roof you can build a wooden frame, attach a sheet rope and can climb down to loot. The sheet rope is required so you can climb back out, otherwise you’ll be stuck.