Genshin Impact 1.1 adds the City Reputation System to the game. Complete tasks, rank up and unlock new gadgets.

Unlock City Reputation System


  1. AR25
  2. Complete quest the Archon Quest Prologue: Act I “The Outlander Who Caught the Wind” to unlock Mondstadt Reputation.
  3. Complete quest the Archon Quest Chapter I: Act II “Farewell, Archaic Lord” to unlock Liyue Reputation.

Once you meet the requirements go speak to the City Reputation NPC in Mondstaldt and Liyue (See Above – Red Circle) to unlock the reputation system for each city.

Leveling City Reputation

Each city has its own City Reputation Level. You will need to gain experience and level them separately.

Here’s what you can do to level your city reputation:

  1. Complete World Exploration (Once-off)
  2. Complete Quests (Once-off)
  3. Complete Weekly Bounties
  4. Complete Weekly Accepted Quests

The once-off rewards should get you to City Reputation level 3. Afterwards you will need to complete Weekly Bounties and Accepted Quests for the remainder levels.

Weekly Bounties and Accepted Quests

3 Bounties and 3 Accepted Quests can be completed per week. You will need to either choose which city you want to complete these tasks for. In essence you will have to pick which city to earn reputation for.

Tip: Choose the 5-star bounties, they give the most reputation experience.


There are 8 City Reputation levels for each city. Each level unlocks rewards including new gadgets and Wing skins.