Arknights H5-1 is a main story battle found in Episode 5. This stage doesn’t reward materials. It’s more of a bonus challenge that you can complete for first clear rewards.

The key to this stage is taking down the Frost Drones, using Jammers to survive aerial enemies and managing the final wave of Spec Ops Caster Leaders.

The Setup

The game does not give a recommended Operator Level. However if you are using low star operators you will want a Lv. 55+ squad.

Here are the operators used in this example:

  • 1x Vanguard (DP Recovery)
  • 1x Caster (ST)
  • 2x Defender
  • 2x Sniper (ST)
  • Healer (AoE)
  • Healer (ST)
  • Guard (ST)
  • Guard (Ranged)
  • Gitano (Required for her extended 4 tile cast range)

Phase One

  1. Vanguard (DP Recovery) in position (A) facing up. Any Vanguard (DP Recovery) is fine eg. Courier. It’s mainly for generating DP and blocking those first few enemies.
  2. Caster (ST) in position (B) facing left. Get ready to return this operator once that Frost Drone dies (highlighted above in green).
  3. Your stronger Defender in position (C) facing left. This operator will be tanking the majority of the aerial waves.
  4. Sniper (ST) in position (D) facing left.
  5. Sniper (ST) in position (E) facing down.

Phase Two

  1. Healer (AoE) in position (F) facing left.
  2. Guard (ST) in position (G) facing up. This operator will deal with the enemies appearing from the upper mid spawn.
  3. Defender in position (H) facing left.

At around 11 kills a wave of Arts Master A1 drones will spawn. Once your defender starts to take damage, activate both your Defender and Healer (AoE) skills.

At around 17 kills activate your Guards ability to deal with that single Spec Ops Caster Leader.

Phase Three

  1. Jammer in position (I).
  2. Gitano in position (J) facing left (Do not use her skill yet). She will kill that Frost Drone next to her.

At around 20 kills two Arts Master A2 drones will spawn. Their ability will deal significant damage to your operators. However Jammers will prevent it from using this ability.

Note these two Drones will briefly move outside our Jammers range. Our Gitano in position (J) will take two hits but should survive.

Phase Four

At around 30 kills after the last of a group of Arts Master A1 drones will pass tile (K) you can deploy your Caster (ST) in position (K) to kill that last Frost Drone.

Once the Frost Drone dies return your Caster (ST).

Phase Five

This is the hardest part.

A large group of Spec Ops Caster Leaders will spawn. When they do activate Gitano’s skill. Her extended range and AoE damage will make this last wave much more manageable.

At the same time place another Jammer in position (K) to prevent the Arts Master A2 drones from attacking.

Your Jammer in position (K) will eventually be destroyed. When it does you can replace it with your spare Healer.

Additionally you can place your Guard (Ranged) in position (L) facing left for a bit more damage. As the final wave moves forward, don’t forget to use your skills as even in their weakened state they can cause trouble.