This Auto Chess Patch includes balance changes to Goddess of Light, The Scryer and Fallen Witcher pieces.


  1. Goddess of Light
    Basic HP: 400/800/1600 → 450/900/1800
    Armor: 0 → 3
  2. The Scryer
    ATK: 75/150/300 → 82/165/330
  3. Fallen Witcher
    Bonus ATK speed after transformation: 50%/75%/100% → 40%/65%/90%


  1. New event “Battles for All“
  2. Fill in the Drodo Workshop questionnaire for 20 Candy Tickets as rewards


  1. Optimized the facial model of Shadowcrawler


  1. New chessboard: Mount Emei: Main Hall (arrival on 09.10)
  2. New chess skin of Taboo Witcher: Ritual Witcher (arrival on 09.11)
  3. New chess skin of Shadowcrawler: Ritual Shadow (arrival on 09.11)
  4. New chest: Yggdrasil Chest (Gold) (arrival on 09.11)
  5. New chest: Yggdrasil Chest (Silver) (arrival on 09.11)
  6. New chess player: Royal Guard (arrival on 09.18)
  7. New chess player: Starlight Libra (arrival on 09.23)


  1. Fixed the abnormal display on the “Returning” event interface
  2. Fixed the abnormal display of some avatar items
  3. Fixed the issue where sometimes the synergy panel might abnormally vibrate in the Spectator mode