The unique Tokyo-3 rift instance is available during the Ragnarok Mobile EVA Crossover Event. It has been made available in the Global Server from Aug 31st to Sept 21st.

Similar to the Ultraman Rift players can complete the Tokyo-3 rift for daily NERV Emblems (NERV Badges) as well as once off rewards (More Emblems). These badges can be traded for a variety of rewards including the Unit-01 Card, Asuka Card, Pen Pen Monster Egg and more.

The Rewards

Lets first take a look at how the rewards work. There are two “types” of rewards you can receive from completing the rift.

Daily Reward

Completing your first Tokyo-3 Rift of the day will reward you with 5x NERV Commendation Chest. Open the chest for 6-16x NERV Emblems.

Bonus NERV Commendation Chests will be rewarded if you have unlocked EVA headwear and costumes:

  • Unlocks 1 Headwear, receive 1 extra [NERV Commendation Chest]
  • Unlocks 3 Headwear, receive 2 extra [NERV Commendation Chest]
  • Unlocks 5 Headwear, receive 3 extra [NERV Commendation Chest]
  • Unlocks 7 Headwear, receive 4 extra [NERV Commendation Chest]
  • Unlocks 9 Headwear, receive 5 extra [NERV Commendation Chest]

Tokyo-3 Rift daily rewards are separate from your regular daily 5x rift reward quota. Go ahead and do that Space Time Rift.

Completion Time (Once Off Reward)

Finishing the rift within a certain time limit will reward chests as follows:

  • 241 to 300 sec, will receive rating “NERV Operation Assistant”, rewards 1 [NERV Superior Battle Chest]
  • 211 to 240 sec, will receive rating “NERV Operation Director”, rewards 2 [NERV Superior Battle Chest]
  • 181 to 210 sec, will receive rating “NERV Deputy Commander”, rewards 2 [NERV Deluxe Battle Chest]
  • 1 to 180 sec, will receive rating “NERV Commander”, rewards 5 [NERV Deluxe Battle Chest]

Don’t forget to collect these rewards from Rei in Prontera. Open these chests for more NERV Emblems.

Both the Daily and Once-Off Time Rewards are character based. Therefore, your alts can get rewards too! NERV Emblems can be deposited into your shared stash.

You can attempt the Time Attack as many times as you like. Just re-enter the Rift if you need to try again.

How Many NERV Emblems

Completed the rift in 180sec or lower? Here’s what you should have:

  • 3x NERV Superior Battle Chest = 150x NERV Emblem
  • 7x NERV Deluxe Battle Chest = 700x NERV Emblem
  • Total = 850x NERV Emblem

Completing this on another 2 alt characters will net you a total 3*850 = 2,550x NERV Emblems across your 3 characters. That’s a lot of Emblems. You’ll have even more from completing the rift daily!

The Tokyo-3 Rift

To start the rift first head to Prontera and speak to Rei Ayanami (See Above). Upon entering the Rift, players will transform into EVA Mechas. Your skill bar will have 3 Options. Normal Atk, Special Atk, Buff and Change EVA.

The ability to change EVA is important as each boss is weak to a particular type of EVA. There are two available types, Red and Purple. Toggle between these two to deal damage to boss monsters.

The Bosses

Your party will face 3 Bosses. Make sure you switch the the correct EVA color, otherwise you will not deal damage.

3rdRed: When HP > 50%
Purple: If HP < 50%


To assist with clearing the rift as fast as possible you will want to assign your party some roles. This is because switching EVAs has a pretty long cooldown. If you didn’t assign roles you’ll end up with an entire team waiting to switch.

Splitting The Team
One way is to split the team in half. 3 Red, 2 Purple (Or 2 Red, 3 Purple). Players now can focus on attacking. When they aren’t able to damage to the Boss they can just Buff (3rd Skill – See Above). When the last boss is down to 50% HP, all players can switch to Purple.

This strategy should be enough to get sub 180 sec clear easily.

Extra Tips

  • Use manual attack and spam 1st Skill (Normal Atk) and 2nd Skill (Special Atk). Auto Attack will switch EVAs and can mess up your party composition.
  • The timer starts as soon as the 1st Boss spawns. Upon clearing each boss quickly move to the next location and start the next encounter.

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