30-120 mins
Worker Placement

Lost Ruins of Arnak is a worker placement board game where players compete for the most victory points by the end of the game.

Getting Started

  • The game offers 2 maps: Bird Temple (ideal for beginners) and Snake Temple.
  • Players commence with a deck comprising 2 Gold, 2 Compass, and 2 Fear Cards (these clog up the deck and detract -1 VP each but can be exiled ie. removed from the deck during gameplay).
  • All players possess 2 archaeologists (meeples) for site exploration.
  • Players are given starting resources based on their turn position: Player 1 starts with 2 Gold, Player 2 with 1 Gold and 1 Compass, Player 3 with 2 Gold and 1 Compass, and Player 4 with 1 Gold and 2 Compass.
  • Gameplay proceeds clockwise, with the initial player determined randomly.
  • The game is played across 5 rounds. Each round players take actions until they pass. A round concludes when all players pass.

During Your Turn (Actions)

  1. At the start of each round, all players draw a hand of 5 cards and possess 2 archaeologists to use.
  2. During their turn, players are permitted to undertake 1 main action alongside an unlimited number of free actions (denoted by the lightning bolt symbol on cards).
  3. Main actions include:
    – Playing a non-free action card.
    – Traveling to a dig site.
    – Overcoming a guardian.
    – Purchasing a card.
    – Conducting research.
  4. Once a player passes, they cannot take any further actions until a new round. A new round starts when all players have passed.

Dig Sites and Guardians

Opting to travel to a dig site uses an archaeologist. You’ll also need to pay the travel cost (indicated by boot, car, boat, or plane icon) in addition to the discover cost if the site is undiscovered.

  • Each card possesses a travel value (top left corner), which can be used to cover travel costs.
  • Any icon can be used to pay for boot travel costs, while the plane icon can substitute for any icon (players may also pay 2 gold for a plane).
  • Discovering a site rewards an idol (2 idols for Level 3 sites) alongside a bonus reward as depicted on the idol. Players also receive the base reward specific to that site.
  • Discovery of a site unveils a guardian, which players may defeat by paying its cost, leading to a reward of 5 VP in addition to a bonus reward.
  • Once a site is discovered, subsequent visits do not incur additional compass costs, although the travel cost must still be paid.
  • Idols acquired during exploration can be utilized as a free action to:
    – Draw a card
    – Gain gold and a compass
    – Obtain 2 tablets
    – Acquire 1 arrow
    – Pay 1 gold for 1 gem.

Buy a Card

There are two main types of cards: Items (brown cards) and Artifacts (blue cards).

  • Items: These brown cards can be purchased using gold. When bought, they are placed at the bottom of your deck.
  • Artifacts: These blue cards can be acquired using compasses. When you obtain an Artifact, it is considered played immediately, meaning you receive its effect without needing to pay a tablet. However, subsequent uses of Artifacts require the payment of a tablet.

Research Track

The research track features two distinct icons: the magnifying glass and the book.

  • Players must pay the research cost to advance their token up the research track.
  • The book token cannot surpass the magnifying glass token.
  • Each space on the research track offers its own rewards. For instance on the Bird Temple map, reaching the first magnifying glass icon grant 1 Gold, while reaching the first book icon unlocks 1 Assistant.
  • One-time bonus resources are available to the first player to reach certain spots on the research track.
  • Progressing on the research track allows players to gain up to 2 assistants, which can also be upgraded.
  • Assistants provide a free action benefit that refreshes every round.

End of Game Scoring

The player with the highest VP wins the game. VP is influenced by various factors:

  • Research track progression ie position of the Magnifying Glass and Book tokens.
  • Temple tiles, which becomes purchasable once the Magnifying Glass reaches the top of the research track.
  • Idols collected throughout the game.
  • Uncovered Idol spaces with the final space worth 4 points.
  • Each defeated Guardian rewards 5VP
  • Items and Artifacts cards (VP indicated on the bottom right-hand corner).
  • Fear cards incur a penalty of -1 VP each.

In the event of a tie, the player who reaches the end of the research track first claims victory.

If multiple players tie but haven’t reached the end, the winner is determined by the player who has made the most progress along the research track.