Unlock the Cloudsea Archipelago Comodo Housing System in Ragnarok Mobile. Level up your buildings for better Comodo field drop rates and buffs to help you farm faster.

The first part of this guide will cover unlocking Cloudsea Archipelago, Mead Fountain (Comodo Field Map Buffs) and Melting Time (Comodo Field Drop Rate Upgrade). Afterwards we can move onto Part 2 which unlocks the Mine and Sawmill.

Unlock Cloudsea Archipelago

  1. We’re going to do is unlock Mead Fountain Post for Comodo field map buff upgrades to help us farm faster. But first we have to start the Comodo Main Quest (Holiday in Comodo) by speaking to the Comodo Travel NPC in Prontera (Quest is available at Base Lv. 150+).
  2. In Comodo speak to Aloha to accept the Weird Book of Fantasy Quest.
  3. After cleansing the book you’ll end up in Dream City. Now speak with Cenass (she will be next to you).
  4. This will unlock 2 quests:
    #1 Candy Sister – Continue with Housing System Progression (you’ll want this one).
    #2 Cenass – To continue with story quest.
  5. Speak to Candy Sister and she will introduce you to Cloudsea Archipelago.

Unlock Mate Handbook

  1. Continue to speak with her to unlock Candy Sister in your Mate Handbook (it can be opened by selecting Manor button which can be found next to your mini map when on the Cloudsea Archipelago map).
  2. The Mate Handbook lists Mates (Partners) we have unlocked.
  3. Each Mate has Story Quests to complete. Completing them will unlock more Story Quests as well as increase your bond with them for various buffs.
  4. Keep speaking with Candy Sister. She will help you unlock Hakiki (found in Sweet Dream Field).

Unlock Mead Fountain

  1. Continue Hakiki’s quest to unlock Mead Fountain Post (Winespring Outpost). This is what we’re after, Map Buffs!
  2. At the Mead Fountain Post upgrade your Battle Training 4 times to unlock the quest Run! (it will also unlock Weaponry Research – used for dispatch but more on this later). You will need a total of 3,360 Cloud Stone (obtained from all Comodo mobs) and 8,060 Sticky Candy to fully upgrade your buffs (listed below). Max it asap as the buffs are great!
  3. Now complete the Run! quest to unlock Spinta.

Battle Training Buffs

BuffCloud StoneSticky Candy
M. and Phy. DMG +20%280670
Max HP +30%280670
HP and SP Regen +100%350840
M. and Phy. DMG +20%350840
DMG Reduction +25%350840
Crit +30, Phy. and M. DEF Ignoring +30%350840
M. and Phy. DMG + 20%350840
DMG Reduction 15%, Max HP +20%350840
Move SPD +30%350840
CD and Cast Delay -25%350840

Unlock Magic Box and Alert Gondola

  1. Unlocking Foxie and Lutia will open up the Magic Box Wonder House (Weekly Shop) and Alert Gondola (Dispatch).
  2. Foxie can be found in Cloudsea Archipelago (See Above). Just speak to her to unlock.
  3. Complete the Fox and Deer Quest to unlock Lutia.
  4. At the Alert Gondola dispatch Spinta to unlock the quest Safofo’s Adventure – Departure.
  5. Head to Sweet Dream Field and unlock Safofo.
  6. Get back to Alert Gondola in Cloudsea Archipelago.
  7. You’ll now need to dispatch Safofo 2 times.
  8. To speed things up upgrade your Alert Gondola Efficient Dispatch. It will cost 1,600 Cloud Stone and 4,200 Sticky Candy to max and it will give you +2 Dispatch Count.
  9. You can either wait for Spinta dispatch to finish or you can upgrade Alert Gondola +1 Deep Exploration and Mead Fountain Post +1 Weaponry Research to dispatch Safofo.
  10. You will now have to wait and dispatch Safofo a 2nd time to unlock the Mouthless Chef quest.

Muctung’s Chef Tournament

  1. Beat Mactung (Sweet Dream Field) in a cooking competition. You can use our Cooking Recipe List to help you win. Just try to pick ingredients to cook a high grade recipe and make sure you select the correct cooking station.
  2. Once you have won head back to Cloudsea Archipelago to speak to Mactung. He will unlock the Melting Time building.

Unlock Melting Time

  1. You can now upgrade and max out Food Incentives Food Incentives for better Comodo field drop rates. It’ll cost 4,420 Cloud Stone but will give +30% Field Monster Drop and +20% Cloud Stone Drop.
  2. You can also upgrade Nutritional Intake for better dispatch rewards. Max upgrade will cost 3,680 Cloud Stone.

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