Ragnarok Mobile launches new server Midnight Party with over 1 Million Pre-Registrations.

Are there any differences from previous launches? Should you join the party? If you are a new player what are some tips to help you keep up with veterans?

A Jump Start

Whilst this is a new server launch, players will not be receiving the same content as what was received during the SEA and Global launch. Instead this server will start with Episode 5.0 content. At the time of launch this would be actually ahead of SEA and Global which are both at Episode 4.0.

This probably won’t mean much to new players but for the veterans here’s a reminder of some of the major content these episode updates have added to Ragnarok Mobile.

Episode 3.0
+ War of Emperium (WoE)
+ Base Level 105

Episode 4.0
+ 3rd Jobs: Arch Bishop, Shura, Guillotine Cross, Shadow Chaser, Rune Knight, Royal Guard, Warlock, Ranger, Mechanic, Geneticist
+ Endless Tower Floor 100 (Adds Garm to ET)
+ Additional Equipment Tiers
+ Base Level 110

Episode 5.0
+ Sage, Bard/Dancer
+ Weapon Synthesis
+ New Pets and Pet Fusion
+ 6v6 PvP
+ Base Level 120

This new server will start with all of these. This means no waiting for War of Emperium (which includes the praying card system). Other notable features include the many additional classes, Endless Tower Floor 100, Weapon Synthesis and Pet Fusion.

Yes. Players of the Midnight Party will have access to all of this on launch. So the question is …

Should You Join the Party

New players will fall into one of two categories. They will either be a new player, one that has never played Raganrok Mobile before or they will be a veteran looking to switch servers.

For New Players
A new server is obviously a great opportunity for new players to join the game. Starting in an old server can be discouraging, especially if the player feels the pressure to catch up.

For Veterans
Equally a great opportunity? Why, well it’s a second chance! Maybe you made a few game breaking mistakes, or more likely maybe you missed out on opportunities you wish you had taken.

What ever the reason you’ll have a chance to have a fresh start, however this time with much more experience. The knowledge you have from your previous server will surely give you a massive advantage over new players.

How to Join

Made the decision to join the new Midnight Party server? If you’re completely new you can find links to Ragnarok Mobile for both Android and iOS at their official site.

For existing SEA players you can easily toggle between Eternal Love and Midnight Party via the start screen (See Above). For existing players looking to play on both servers, you will be able to access both your Eternal Love and Midnight Party at the same time (given that you have an additional device to do so).

Parallel World System

The developers of Ragnarok Mobile have previously mentioned a feature that will allow interaction (although limited) between servers. Here’s what will be cross server:

  • Episode
  • Linked City
  • Chat
  • Mentor
  • Rift and Tower etc

Here’s what will remain independent:

  • Trading Exchange
  • GvG (WoE)
  • 6v6 PvP
  • Field Monsters and MvP Bosses

Source can be found here

Advice for New Players

Veteran players will no doubt have an advantage over new players. This will be no different during the SEA and Global launches. However there’s a wealth of guides and information out there to help close this game.

Here are some links to some articles that will help you during the start of your journey:

New Player Guide
To give you a smooth start

Beginner Fast Level Guide
Help you get those first 30 levels fast.

What Class to Choose
If you are having trouble deciding what class to play.

The Daily Routine
Things to do every day so you don’t miss out on content.

Monthly Premium, Worth It?
Help you decide whether to make the purchase.

How to Get More Lightning Chain
This will help, especially if you decide to buy premium.

Equipment Craft List
For when you need to craft gear

Catch Pet 100% Rate
So you know how many taming items you need.

Bonus Tip:

Oh, one more thing … this one is for new and old players. Since the Midnight Party server is starting with WoE you should take the opportunity to check the time that it is held.

Whilst WoE (Guild vs Guild PvP) isn’t important to everyone. If it is for you, then making sure that you can participate will ensure that your efforts aren’t wasted.